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The review of VAPE question investigation
  Well Well, First of all, We are appreciate everyone who participated in our question investigation, we have 25 different countries people around the world who join in this investigation. Thanks for all the vote and support, then we are able to finish this statistics. One of the participant got our jackpot, we already send out the reward which is one set of Wismec Predator Mod. We will do a lot of activity like this in the near future, Please continue follows our web vapesourcing.com and grateful. Now, I am going to pick some hot topics share to you guys in this QI. Top 5 people(Nation) in this Investigation.未标题-1 It seems like most of vapers are come from North America and Europe lol. Are you wondering what’s the favorite device for vapers? Here is top 5 未标题-2   In these couple of years, obviously, Vapers are starting low-power transfer to high-power wattage device, but, yeah, still have not a few loyal fans of low-power device.   GU{9[5(CQB31OM~%7K`4C)E   According to the this statistics, It’s easy to see that most of smoker wanna quit of smoking, there are a lot of reason for quitting smoking, one of these is enough for you to quit smoking, such as, smell stink of your mouth, much easier to get lung cancer and other disease, impact the people around you.From now on, why don’t you stop smoking and start vaping! ]H5FKURA2]`J2HCP0VJ`WNA   Sometimes, I even couldn’t figure out which one that I prefer, I take care of both, but it seems like most of people prefer F. Lol. Regarding this result, I have some good advises for you. All of it can bringing you huge vapor clouds, Flavor and unexpected vaping enjoyment For Flavor chaser: SMOK TFV8 big baby Joyetech Ornate Atomizer Aspire cleito 120 For Cloud chaser: Eleaf Melo 300 SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank Wismec Reuleaux RX300 TC BOX MOD (Wismec just launched a new firmware V5.14 for Reuleaux RX300.In this version, the maximum output is upgraded to 400W. Which means, you know...)   RTD6OA(U7~~YW4YR0FD%@)A   How long have you been vaping? Personally, I used to be a heavy smoker, I liked camel menthol silver at that time. But 5 years ago, when I first time close to e-cig, I was feeling that e-cig is not that bad compare to real cigarette, considering to my health and other reasons, I decided to abandon the real cigarette, and start vaping. So, you gonna be the next one who join in our Vape-Family.   All right, tanks for all visitor who watching this page, any things else that you wanna know? Please contact us. We’d like to hear your feedback to help us do better, better.      

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