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How Much Is An Electronic Cigarette?
Have you ever calculate the cost of your E-cig since you start Vaping. Recently, there have been claims that e-cigarettes are a more expensive habit than smoking regular cigarettes. In fact, a recent study has supposedly shown that in only 3 countries are E-cigarettes actually cheaper than their combustible predecessors. Today, I am going to talk about it. vaping

The Cost of Cigarettes

In 2015, the average price of a pack of cigarettes in America was $7.26. These prices ranged from $4.98 on average in Virginia to $13.50 in New York. This is a pretty big difference, where some places in Virginia it appears as though you can buy cigarettes for 3 times less than you can in some places in New York. That alone says there is so much variation, that you cannot make a determination on averages. So let's look at what the cost of e-cigarettes are in general, and you can decided how they are comparable to cigarette prices where you live. Let's talk something about my own experience, I was study in college at bay area, California 3 years ago, I used to smoke heavily, a pack cigarettes every single day, I purchased various cigarettes in 7-11, such like Marlboro red, Marlboro gold ,NXT, Camel menthol sliver, etc... The average price is around $5 to $6 plus tax. Sometimes, I purchased a carton in cigarettes outlets store for extra discount. I was feeling very luck to live in Cali, Because the low tax of cigarettes. You know why am I saying that if you ever been to New York and purchase a pack of cheap electronic cigarette. In the winter break 2015, I took the United Airlines From SF to New York for New Year countdown. (BTW, I will never take United anymore in the future lol). Before I heading to NY, I already carry 4 packs Camel menthol sliver in my luggage. I knew that was not enough for me, I am just afraid the security check to avoid some troubles for unnecessary. I don't know the policy at that time. As I said, four days later, my cigarettes out of stock, and then i went into a 7-11 store, guess what, oh my Jesus, all the average price are up to $10 plus tax, I was so shock at that moment, But I still brought one lol, because I am leaving tomorrow, so Fxxx it lol.


Once you've ventured into the world of refillable tanks it becomes nearly impossible to determine what the actual total cost of your e-cigarette venture would be on an average basis. With basic eGo style battery and tanks to highly adjustable box mod units, and prices ranging from as little as $20 to prices in the hundreds of dollars, an average would just not give you the best idea of actual costs, especially since most vapers have more than one device they use regularly. You'll need to factor in the cost of your device, as well as needed accessories, new coils, batteries, or replacements tanks will all be regular costs for e-cigarette users, so consider that as well. Best E-Liquids Your basic e-liquids will vary in price, but mainly that is as a result of buying in bulk. A 10 ml contains the equivalents of about 5 packs of smokes and costs around $7.00. A 30 mL bottle will cost around $20.00 and equals about 15 packs of cigarettes.There are premium e-juices that do cost more, but for the purposes of this analysis we will stick with the basic e-juices and their average prices. The last but not least, I believe everything can influence the consequence, a lot of element in there. It really depends on where you living, how long had you been smoke and so on. If you have any thought or question, please contact us.

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