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How Long Can The Coil Be Used?
Many new friends just know about Electronic Cigarettes, they have all kinds of questions. Because the Electronic Cigarette seems very simple -- the battery-powered heating heating wire, evaporation of smoke generated mist. But would like to really understand the electronic cigarette, good use of electronic cigarettes or need to learn some of the basic knowledge, so as to use and purchase more easily. Just Like photography, the same are taking pictures, if you want photos more beautiful, you need to understand the simple shutter, aperture, composition, light, the relationship between color. The life of the coil determines the cost of the use of electronic cigarettes, The price for most of the finished coil are around $17(5pcs). Different brands, different models of coil, the prices are different. Normally, the finished coil's life should be 7 days to half a month or so. However, each person uses the frequency and smoke different, the life of the coil will be different. RBA coil , since each person's habits are different, life difference is relatively large, some people like to change once a day, or even a warehouse replacement sometimes, and some people are 3-5 days for replacement, of course, For me i am "Lazy", half a month or even a month for the replacement lol. Whether it is finished or RBA handmade, coil's life is the same. with the different use habits, the life is not the same. some people may use half a month, and some people can only use three days. So what factors affect the life of the coil? First, The power. The coil has a range of acceptable power, usually marked on the envelope of the coil. Such as 1.6 Omega, 8-15W, this mark on behalf of the finished product coil resistance of 1.6Omega, the official recommended power of 8W-15W. Users can find their favorite tones in this power range to use. If the user set the output power is too high, then the coil will produce excessive heat of E-juice, then the surrounding cotton is too late to add the E-juice, then it will burn the cotton, then produce paste, affect the taste. Second, E-juice. The biggest effect of E-juice on the life of the coil is "carbon deposition". E-juice through the cotton to the coil, after the coil heating , but also because of the high temperature in the coil to form a black material, which is "carbon." Although the basic elements of the E-juice are consistent, but each brand of tobacco raw materials and additives are different, it will cause "carbon" produced by the different speed. For example, "Malaysia E-juice" because of the characteristics of the type of flavor and high sugar content, it is recognized as "high carbon deposition rate" E-juice. There have been Vapers to reflect the use of finished taste atomizer using Malaysia E-juice, 1-2 days to replace a coil. Third, Incorrect method. For the new coil, whether it is finished or RBA handmade, all need to grasp the correct use of the way, especially the finished product coil should pay attention to the preparation before use. The vast majority of finished nebulizers have been installed at the factory. After receiving the user, it is best to remove the coil, the guide E-juice hole and the coil around the cotton drop a small amount of E-juice soaked cotton, this step was called "run the coil." In the end. How long can the coil be used? This question will yield a different answer depending on the habits of each person and the different vape components. The main factor affecting the life of the coil is the carbon deposition and power, excessive carbon deposition will affect the use of the taste and coil heating performance, carbon deposition is too fast will greatly reduce the life of the coil. High power generated by the high temperature will burn cotton, so please from these aspects to get start, and pay attention to the correct use of methods, you can extend the life of the coil, reduce the cost. Here I will recommend you smok tfv12 coils. Thanks for reading, that's all for today, we will see you next time.

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