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A Business Stylish Kit - Joyetech Evic Primo Full Kit
With the development technology of E-cig and the Vapers chasing appearance and material of equipment, many vapers are conflict on the ordinary VTC mod and visual sense, in order to change this situation, Joyetech changes to enhance the mod production process in the near future Product line for a series of , So they adding more material elements, and strive to create a more suitable for the current market demand for E-cig equipment. Today we are introducing the EVIC series, EVIC PRIMO dual battery regulator mod. Change by the VTC mod, PRIMO with leather, metal drawing and black flat lacquer three different elements, it is more fashionable. The leather can be replaced, the suit is equipped with a different color of the veneer, veneer feels very good, very comfortable grip. evic primo The groove at the top of the mod, 510 interface can effectively block the liquid into the electrode, to prevent damage to the device. The top of the push-pull battery cap bite full force, after the battery can be installed to ensure the stability of the battery work. It has a big area of the display, while the fire button can press the area is relatively large, press the feedback sense is also very good. The mod still using own chip by Joyetech, the operation method and the previous mod are same, it still through the three press the fire button to switch the mode, very simple. The mod can connected through the USB cable and computer to upgrade and customize the chip, while the 510 interface at the RC (need to buy their own) accessories. With 200W power PRIMO mod in the output is fair, the output stability is very high, the performance of the ignition speed is good, there will be no ignition delay exists. High power to promote equipped with fancy coil 24mm diameter atomizer, it still has a very stable performance. high quality evic primo Due to the demand for the airflow structure, the coil's size looks very large. In fact, the part actually used for atomization is not very large. The shell part is used to isolate the E-juice, as the internal intake part, The atomization core at the bottom of the E-juice effect is excellent at the same time can also be completely absorbed in the atomizer. Atomizer performance is quite good, the top intake of the suction resistance adjustable ability is very good, the feel of the atomizer feel more layered experience, not like the bottom of the intake atomizer is so strong , Thanks to the top of the air intake of the closed, to carry out, do not need to worry about smoke leaks. All in All, joyetech evic primo full kit mod very business stylish, with the same color atomizer is very beautiful, the output capacity of the performance will not let the user disappointed. The width of the mod and the palm of the hand basically the same width, the inside of the dermis veneer and radian processing so that the mod in the grip will have a very comfortable experience. If you like, go to our web VapeSourcing.com.

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