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The Difference And Selection Of Coil's Loose Or Tighten Around
Make a moderate calorie, explosive enough of the coil, for the DIY coil, taste and smoke experience is essential. Many friends for the coil loose or stay in the temperature control of a small range, but in fact the coil loose for the voltage regulator mode, there will be a very good effect. The fundamental difference between loosening and wrapping is the size of the gap between each coil. The coil usually has to tighten the coil in the process of winding and reheat the coil after winding. Again narrow the coil spacing and uniform heat purposes. smok tfv8 baby t6 coil Coiled coils, whether single or multi-made, tight coil will bring a considerable concentration of heat, so in a reasonable voltage output conditions for the smoke firing rate is relatively fast, the heat of smoke is relatively large, the resulting Taste is also biased towards rich and concentrated style. In the atomizer space, heating wire materials and specifications and other constraints, loosely wound coil can solve the heat of the coil is too large, the situation of excessive smoke. Loose coil can be a good dispersion of too concentrated heat, the control ability of the heat output will increase in the pressure regulator equipment on the "applicable power" adjustment of the corresponding increase in the range of the resulting taste more biased Experience, the degree of decline has been reduced. Some users may be concerned about the amount of smoke generated by the loose coil will be much lower than the close, the speed will also have an impact, the actual otherwise. The use of 316 or NI80 heating wire for loose test, will not affect the original heating wire has a rapid rate of excitation, the amount of smoke generated will not have much impact, and even loose coil can increase the length of lungs, The amount of smoke inhaled. aspire cleito 120 coils The winding method is very simple, through the outer coil of the stretch and back to be able to produce a relatively uniform loose coil. Especially for the flexibility and hardness are relatively large 316 heating wire, making a regular loose coil will be easier. For those who like the taste of the regulation of a greater level of experience better, smoke heat relatively homely friends, the choice of loose coil is definitely a good choice, especially the 316 heating wire loosely, the effect is quite good, and To a large extent will reduce the speed of the coil coke, highly recommended. Lastly, we hope this page is helpful for you, for more question, welcome to contact us.

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