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Temperature Control Electronic Cigarette
Temperature control function has been publish for a while, but now, many people still do not know why the temperature control is very good, Such like, Eleaf iStick Pico 25, wismec predator 228 and SMOK Alien 220W, those are very good Temperature control mod. So, why are everyone chasing temperature control right now. Temperature control mod will be based on the temperature you set to control the core heat, so that the taste to achieve a constant purpose, and then the problem will come, the use of the time should be set to how many temperature? This problem is really very difficult to answer, because the E-juice is different, setting the temperature is different, so the temperature control can only be slowly find the right temperature. tc mod There are so many friends like to ask, How many temperature should I set, temperature control and pressure different, the taste from the temperature control, power only affect the core to set the temperature of your time, and taste has nothing to do. Temperature control the use of the most difficult part of the process is still the core, temperature control need to use temperature control wire, that is, ni200 or Ti01 silk, I only used ni200, ni200 resistance to 0.1 or so. My Joyetech CUBOID TAP 228W MOD temperature control data, .32 2.0 7 0.1 a little more resistance. from my experience, Only for the YiHi SXMini G Class SX550J Joystick Controlled 200W box Mod, many vapers use the temperature control function of the wrong way, resulting in burning directly burned or even burned! This is because the YiHi SXMini G Class SX550J Joystick Controlled 200W Box Mod is using the temperature control function before the need to press the upper and lower keys to lock the resistance (temperature control core in the process of heating resistance is rising). The mod is according to your locked resistance to calculate the temperature of the core, so your resistance is not a real resistance, the temperature control is wrong. Lock resistance method is fill the E-juice after the fire for a second, and then wait for the core cooling for a while to re-lock resistance, lock what you can lock the minimum. Joyetech CUBOID TAP 228W MOD Finally, talk about the temperature control of the taste, temperature control taste is more soft, unlike the pressure as direct, violent! So, if you like the soft taste, you can use long-term temperature control mod. That's all for today, if you have any idea or thought, we'd like to hear it. Visit: vapesourcing.com. See you guys next time.

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