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Something You Need To Know About 18650 Battery
We talk about a question that in the electronic cigarette forum, every day will be asked the question: "Which 18650 battery is the best?"  This is a difficult question to answer! Unfortunately, the answer is "depend on the situation". Some batteries can for a long time, but they are not qualified for high power discharge. Some batteries even in the 40A discharge will not be hot, but the disadvantage is the need for regular charging. So I can not tell you what kind of battery you should use NO.1, I can only tell you my personal recommendation Top 5 battery and tell you the reason for the selection. I hope this will help you choose the battery you want. 18650 battery What are the elements of a good battery? When choosing the best battery, consider the following four elements:
  • Large capacity
  • High current
  • High voltage (violent output) when electronic cigarette is working
  • Low operating temperature Others such as price is also one of the factors of choice, but with my advice, this is not important. A battery can be used for at least a year, for the purchase of a good battery and spend that little dollars is almost negligible, because it is better, more secure, enough for a year or even longer.This is important because it will determine how long you can vape before charging. The capacity is marked with mAh, which tells us how much milliliter we can use in how many hours we can use. For example, joyetech evic primo mini battery marked capacity of 50Ah, which means that you can get 50mA in 1 hour; or half an hour to get 100mA; or 2 hours 25mA. With 100 divided by the current discharge current value, you can get the power exhausted before the discharge of sustainable time.
details of battery The battery's temperature is very critical. It is the most important reason for the shortening of your battery life and damage. If the temperature is too high, your battery will vent and even explode. To maintain battery life and safe vaping, we want to make the battery as much as possible at the lowest temperature. We can lower the power, use a higher resistance coil, but this will also affect the experience of electronic cigarette. However, because the various types of coils, power can be adjusted, so find the best combination to make the battery work in the best temperature state is not difficult. Here is my best recommended for electronic cigarette, the list is divided into three groups for different current options, not limited to only these batteries, but these are the best after I use. Thanks for reading, if you have any more question, please let us know.

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