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For E-cig Beginners
NO.1 The taste of E-juice: generally divided into (fruit) (baking) (tobacco) (mint). The majority of the public is the most expensive fruit (high VG). Baking classes include (cake / cream / biscuits, etc.), This taste of vape often tired of the feeling, suitable for the occasional use of debugging taste. Tobacco is generally imitation of real smoke, or imitation of the majority of cigars, but tobacco and cigarettes compared to cigarettes, there are still some differences, and you can not get the taste of cigarettes. buy e-juice NO.2 The concentration of E-juice is divided into (0mg) (3mg) (6mg) (12mg) nicotine content, the higher the concentration of the throat caused by the stronger, the higher the concentration may cause you to choke response. General lung aspiration vapers will choose between 0mg-6mg, most will not choose more than 6mg, mouth suckers will choose a larger diet 12mg. If you feel that the laryngeal sense is not enough, you can buy dilute nicotine solution. If the choke is too strong, you can add VG glycerol diluted to use. Some vapers on the PG / propylene glycol is allergic, after use, they will produce nausea / dizziness and other symptoms, such groups can choose the base liquid for pure VG. NO.3 The same bottle of E-juice but taste different: different atomizer, different structure, different air intake and different data may produce shades. Basically, Like fixed data, find a close to their taste of the atomizer, so as to be easier to distinguish the essence of the taste of vape. Take kf4 and kf3 analogy. The same bottle of E-juice in the kf4 you will feel rich, in the kf3 you will feel a lot of light, so the novice to find a get together to the atomizer is very important. NO.4 E-juice's life and preservation: the shelf life of the E-juice is a year basically. So, we try to use it in 1 year. Save the method with our food drink principle, try to avoid direct sunlight. Original Aspire Cleito RTA NO.5 Leaks: When the leaks problem occurs, we must do not question the quality of the atomizer, if it is pre-installed atomizer, the first thing is out of the core, and make it dry, so that the inside of core, the E-juice burned after the re-installed, do not re-run the core of the process, and this process is very easy to cause the atomizer leaks. If it is DIY atomizer, first check the amount of cotton is not less, did not block into the filling hole resulting in leaks. Followed by inspection aprons, threads and so on... NO.6 Cotton: personally, I used JiangYuan Road, VCC, F5, Long Cotton, and Jing Cotton. Personal recommendation after use. NO.7 Is Electronic cigarette harmful: Really, I do not know, I only know that too much nicotine is harmful. So, I vape 0mg and 3mg normally.

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