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How Does A Coil Heads Work
New to 2102 and 2013 manufacturers introduced replaceable coils heads on most atomizers. The basic premise of a replaceable coil head is to save you money on purchasing clearomizers when they "die". If you replace just the coil, your clearomizer becomes "new". It is important to always buy the coil head that is specific to your device. Below you will see three different types of coils for three different clearomizers. As you can see, none will likely fit in the same device. Uwell Crown 3 Replacement Coils We have a long stem Top Coil (the coil is replaced on the TOP of the clearomizer), next is a BOTTOM coil which is replaced from the bottom of the clearomizer and last is another top coil that is significantly shorter than the first top coil. A coil head is simply a housing for a wick and coil element which vaporizes your e-liquid. There is nothing fancy about them and they all work pretty much the same way. There are differences in flavor, vapor production etc, but this is due to the design of the coil and the materials used, at it's core a coil head is a coil head. The voltage/wattage is too high for the ohm of the coil generating excess heat burning and caramelizing the liquid onto the coil and creating a situation where the wick can no longer bring enough liquid to the coil, this will "pile up" and cause even more burning. Too high a voltage or wattage can actually "pop" a coil, breaking it and severing the connection. If your coil produces NO vapor, you've popped a coil. Chain vaping, a chain vaper does not give enough time in between vapes to "cool down" the coil thus creating too much heat even with the right voltage combination. aspire cleito exo tank replacement coil Thick liquids. Thicker liquids can cause less wicking as the thicker the liquid the harder the wick has to work, delivering less liquid to the coil in turn, burning the wick. Harsh liquids or liquids with sugars. Sugars caramelize much faster, sweeter liquids can easily clog a coil. Tobaccos can do the same thing. Coil heads are sensitive, and it is for this reason most vendors do not warranty them. We cannot know what the exact cause of your "bad" coil maybe. With all of the new variable voltage and variable wattage devices out there it is very easy to pop a 1.8 coil with a high setting on your mod. smok tfv12 replacement coils Another issue that arises with coils is leaking and that is generally caused by sealing issues. See below for an example of an improper seal. There are usually a few seals (or o-rings) on a clearomizer coil head, these seals prevent liquid from seeping into the base or out of the clearomizer, once the seal is damaged it will leak. This is no different that a seal on an oil pan, no properly seal and you have an oil leak.

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