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  • Colorful Smok T-priv Hot Selling In Vapesourcing

    SMOK T-PRIV 220W

    The colorful kit - is SMOK company's hot selling electronic cigarette, it is a beautiful appearance to conquer me, it is so beautiful. 7 color totally, the entire model of every angle, every inch of the skin has a different color, it is "the color of the rainbow"!

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  • The Review Of Ammit 25

    AS THE USUAL, LET'S UNBOXING THE AMMIT 25 AT FIRST. The entire packaging is not commonly used paper carton packaging, but they use plastic box packaging, drawing the film for protect the box avoid dirty or broken, but also very easy to open it. Positive with orange stickers marked the name of this product. Transparent plastic cover can be seen at one glance embedded in the box inside the atomizer.

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  • 5 Batteries Monster Kanger Five6

    Kanger FIVE6 Full Kit

    Just look at the size of the box is enough to see FIVE 6 certainly not small. One FIVE 6 mod, one FIVE 6 atomizer, a replaceable black temperature change glass tube, one O-seal ring, two 0.6 omega replacement coil and one manual. Another, the manufacturers deliberately sent 5 with the battery positive protection pads, if the battery cathode around the skin problems, such batteries are generally not used, but we will be affixed to the pads, broken batteries can be back to life, and it is very nice.

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  • The Review of Eleaf iStick Pico Dual

    Eleaf products are more affordable, I am impressed of the Wisdom and iStick pico, wisdom in the early product of electronic cigarettes is the cheapest mini toy, Pico is also a small single power mod, Experienced last year's various types of explosive products washed, Eleaf Pico also carried out some shape and power changes to enhance, became a "little fat" - Pico Dual.

    Pico Dual is a chunky mod, size are 46mm * 44mm * 75mm, the size of the triangle to grasp the way will be more smoothly, from the overall appearance is more like two Pico binary, the parameters from the single 75w upgrade to Double electric 200w, also with the MELO III Mini atomizer as a suit. Compared to Pico, it supports the atomizer interface diameter from 22mm to 25mm, but in the up to 24mm of the atomizer will highlight the top of the point. 510 interface design protrusion to reduce the wear of the paint, and there are four intake slots to prevent the atomizer screwed to death. Unlike the Pico, the raised part is no longer the battery-mounted cover, from the top to the bottom.

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  • Types of Wires for Vape

    Resistance heating wire uses electrical resistance to generate heat from electric current. It is used in many electric devices that generate heat, such as heaters, stoves, hair dryers, radiant floor mats, toasters and electric water heaters. For the atomizer, what kind of the heating wire is best for Vape?

    Kanthal wire is extremely durable. You can often dry burn and re-wick a plain Kanthal coil many times before you'll need to replace the wire. Plain Kanthal coils are also the easiest to make. Once you gain experience, you can build a plain Kanthal RBA coil from scratch in only a couple of minutes. Because plain Kanthal coils don't have tiny nooks where unvaporized e-liquid can hide, they don't develop gunk as quickly as some other coils.

    Named for the famous musician, Clapton wire is very much like a guitar string in that it consists of a smaller diameter wire tightly wrapped around a larger diameter wire. The wrapped wire has the same resistance as a single wire with the same gauge and length, but it has far greater surface area. Although it's possible to make Clapton wire using different types of wire for the core and outer wraps, most Clapton configurations use Kanthal wire alone. geekvape clapton ss316

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  • Build Your First Coil

    Important tips for you to build your own first coil. When buying resistance wire for sub-ohm vaping, note that a larger number indicates a thinner wire and therefore a higher resistance. This is because thicker wires have more volume, allowing more current to flow.

    A coil jig includes several posts that allow you to adjust the diameter of your coil turns. If the number of turns per coil is the same, a larger post will result in a higher-resistance coil because you're using more total wire. If you use a smaller post and increase the number of turns, you can increase the amount of coil that touches the wick while increasing the resistance less.

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  • Some Good Wicks

    Rayon is a fiber made from chemically treated wood pulp. To make rayon, wood pulp is treated with a solvent until it dissolves. The resulting compound is then spun into fibers. When people mention using rayon wicks for sub-ohm vaping, they're mainly talking about a beauty product called Cellucotton. Since Cellucotton comes out of the box already shaped ideally for wicking, it's very convenient to cut a length from the strand and thread it through a coil. When buying the Cellucotton brand, though, note that a cotton version is also available. The cotton version is most likely bleached and not organic - so check the box before buying.

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  • How To Buy A Sub-ohm And RDA Tank

    Before you buy any sub-ohm tank, examine the quality of the threading. A sub-ohm tank has at least one threaded joint to allow you to replace coils and refill the tank. You'll most likely open your tank several times each day for refilling, so the threads need to be easy to turn and able to withstand repeated use.

    The most common complaint about sub-ohm tanks is that they leak. Look for a tank that includes plenty of o-rings to keep the e-liquid where it's supposed to be. Today, you can find sub-ohm tanks with a lot of extra gimmicks such as extra top-mounted airflow collars and ports for top filling. Every time you add an additional hole to a tank, though, you're creating an additional avenue for potential leaking. If you don't want e-liquid seeping from your tank - and you want a tank with extra air or e-liquid holes - make sure that the manufacturer has addressed potential leaking.

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  • How To Choose RTA

    RTA elect dual or single post, If you are a starter, the single will be a good choice. But please do not doubt the firing capacity of the single, in the last 2016, a wide range of single RTA has begun to slowly support the design of fancy coil, single...
  • How To Choose RDA

    First of all, you have to know what you needs, what are you prefer between performance and taste. And now, the emergence of 22MM and 24MM RDA products, in most cases, the RDA will be in the 22MM diameter range, while the based, RDA product side in the 24MM range, of course, this is only the general case in normal.

    After choosing a good diameter size, you can start thinking about double post or single post. In a single RDA you can use a single filament to achieve a quality experience. The filament makes up for the traditional single-generation coil to produce enough vape and enhance the situation Grainy. Single structure to do the core operation is also relatively simple, lazy friends can consider a single structure RDA. Even the RDA has many different differences in the structural design, but they all same shit. Single or double, in fact, you only need to choose a favorite appearance is enough.

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