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How To Select The Battery
Nowadays, a wide variety of batteries on the market, how to select the battery has become an issues, many people will say that the battery directly select the discharge performance is not good enough? Discharge capacity and capacity is the majority of people choose the battery when considering the important reference indicators, but why these two parameters are inversely proportional - the greater the capacity of the discharge capacity is relatively lower, the stronger the discharge capacity, the lower the capacity. E-cig high rating battery Normally, we use the 18650 battery full voltage is 4.2V, while the stable voltage is 3.7V, (there are some special materials such as lithium batteries such as lithium iron phosphate voltage of 3.2V, this article only for the commonly used 3.7V lithium battery) The voltage applied to the atomizer when using the mechanical mod is the voltage of the battery itself, unlike the regulator, the level of the output voltage can be adjusted. We first look at the mechanical mod, it should choose what kind of battery? The principle of mechanical mod is actually the battery container and current conductor, you can directly turn the maximum output capacity of the battery, so the higher requirements of the battery. So, what kind of standard battery to use it? We calculate the voltage according to the formula, voltage / resistance = current, then if you use 0.2Ω data, then it is 3.7 / 0.2 = 18.5A, if you use 0.12Ω or daily data, then it is 3.7 / 0.12 = 30.8A current Output, and SONY C4 battery maximum output current stabilized at 30A, this data has been slightly over (brackets within the novice detour, because 30A is a stable continuous discharge current, so a short time to reach 40A is also possible, but it will affect Battery life, and the battery resistance is also easy to increase after the security risks, it is not recommended resistance below 0.12Ω). Batteries About the battery, there is an important reference to the "discharge performance curve chart", through the battery discharge at different currents when the voltage drop curve and discharge time, better reflect the battery discharge performance. Why do I say that? For example, if a battery can support the maximum discharge of 40A, but the actual test under 40A only 1 second voltage from 4.2V to 3V, then the performance of this battery is obvious to see.

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