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The Review Of Ammit 25
AS THE USUAL, LET'S UNBOXING THE AMMIT 25 AT FIRST. The entire packaging is not commonly used paper carton packaging, but they use plastic box packaging, drawing the film for protect the box avoid dirty or broken, but also very easy to open it. Positive with orange stickers marked the name of this product. Transparent plastic cover can be seen at one glance embedded in the box inside the atomizer. Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA review Open the box, the upper part is the atomizer body and a glass tube. The upper layer of a metal stickers or very texture, people feel like a ceremony. Open the upper layer, the lower part has a spare parts package, a T-shaped screwdriver, manual and lengthened airway accessories (combined with glass tube). Spare parts package is very rich, all kinds of rubber rings are very complete, two spare heating wire fastening screws, so that users do not have spare parts lost or damaged to worry about. The whole part of the atomizer is made by 316 stainless steel, height were: 48.32MM and 56.37MM, a longer warehouse design so that the atomizer has a larger capacity of Vape, so that the original standard 2ML capacity suddenly increased to 5ML. This has a very positive effect on the life of the atomizer. The whole atomizer diameter of 25MM, which makes some of the relatively small mod is not very applicable, but also compatible with a large number of mod on the market and some relatively thick pole. A standard 510 drip tip, the whole drip tip looks relatively stout, a little rough look thought it was a big 810 drip tip, but not. The inner diameter of the entire drip tip is not very large, the convergence of the air flow diameter of about 5.9MM, but with the oral contact with the inside of the rapid increase, and the entire reaming angle of the slope is very large.cheap Ammit 25 Comes with two different length of the glass tube, 1.6MM thick plexiglass from the firing, the upper and lower glass section using arc processing, the process is in place, and without any hand phenomenon, the long glass tube can effectively increase the atomizer liquid storage. The sensation of the atomizer is largely determined by the airflow path. The unique "3D airflow" of the AMMIT 25 is significant, and the air is sucked through the bottom air intake, and the intake air is divided into three parts, Blowing from the bottom to the heating wire, and two parts will be blowing from the two electrodes of the atomizer, the role of the atomizer on the heating wire. The fogging effect of the blower from different angles will make the fogging effect of the heating wire more obvious, and the atomizer can be blown away from the heating wire more rapidly than the single channel to increase the atomization efficiency of the heating wire.

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