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Colorful Smok T-priv Hot Selling In Vapesourcing


The colorful kit - is SMOK company's hot selling electronic cigarette, it is a beautiful appearance to conquer me, it is so beautiful. 7 color totally, the entire model of every angle, every inch of the skin has a different color, it is "the color of the rainbow"! t-priv review The packaging is still as usual, the positive is the LOGO of products and the overall picture, the back side is the product parameters and the list. Next to APP for scanning. There are a lot of product review of TFV8 BIG Baby and many friends may have not seen yet, so here in a simple description of TFV8 Big Baby. The atomizer carries 5ML E-liquid capacity, size: 24.5x56mm, weight: 60g. Big baby is the standard big vape finished atomizer, it is the pursuit of the vape effect, spit the ring, blowing vape, high VG E-liquid preferred type, and the relative pursuit of the ultimate taste, then we do not recommend this atomizer. The bottom of the silver-plated electrode, it is the standard configuration of SMOK, it has been all the time. At the bottom side, we can also observe the colorful color, too praise, this colorful surrounded by all the details of the atomizer. The top for the display and 510 connector, the display shows the wattage, resistance, voltage, dual 18650 battery, and the puff every second. But the top of the screen design has a drawback is that when the vape is easy to through the atomizer sputtering to the screen, of course, including condensation, or heat transfer to the screen, the above reasons are more common problem. 510 for the gold-plated spring electrode. t-priv Its max output power can up to 220W, and provides two modes for you. Temp Mode can enhance consistency and taste of every puff. Watt Mode is perfect for cloud chasing. The 9-Color modes customization LED. Red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, white, RGB, rainbow of T-PRIV kit are available for you. Adjustable LED brings more enjoyment during your monotonous life. The easy to read OLED screen. The clearly OLED screen combines with entirely new operation interface. More vaping data for you. Such as VW/TC mode, vaping effect, voltage, battery life, resistance value erc. T-Priv kit is powered by two 18650 batteries in series. The dual battery life indicator on the OLED screen is more accurate for you. SMOK T-PRIV KIT How to install the battery? First of all, slide and open the battery cover, and then place the batteries into the device according to the correct directions, and then close the battery cover, you all set. Now, T-priv has lots of inventory in https://vapesourcing.com/smok-t-priv-kit-220w.html, just order it and you can receive it in 4-7 days.

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