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SMOK G-Priv 2 Kit Preview | Slimmer and Stronger

SMOK's affordable, cutting edge designs continue to impress the market. One of their most popular releases in recent months is the G-Priv Kit; a powerful, touchscreen device that has influenced many other brands to follow suit.

They have relooked this statement offering with a "slimmer and stronger" iteration that promises even better performance than the original.

Retail Price: $80 in Colors: Silver, Black, Red

SMOK G-PRIV 2 kit review

The G-Priv 2 Starter Kit is a powerful vaping platform. The mod retains identical design features to the original G-Priv, with a 14% reduction in overall size as well as a 10% reduction in weight. Various internal upgrades include a clearer OLED display screen and a more detailed and intuitive menu system. Moreover, the installed chipset provides advanced functionality with a top power output of 230 Watts.

This upgrade to the class-leading touchscreen device comes with the widely lauded, TFV8 X-Baby Tank atomizer – a top choice for cloud chasers. Top adjustable airflow control and a larger air tube facilitate higher airflow efficiency, while the X-Baby Beast Brother V8 Core atomizer heads guarantee maximum vapor and flavour outputs.

The mod's chassis is fabricated with premium aluminium-zinc metal; a lightweight and corrosion resistant combination that is extremely durable. Carbon fiber panelling also adds further edginess to the design and extra rigidity to the chassis.

high quality g priv 2 kit

With its feature-rich advanced processor and touchscreen functionality, SMOK have created another exceptional product that caters directly to the market needs. The G-Priv 2 is the complete package; effortlessly merging convenience, performance and technology into one compact setup, suitable for all users.

While there appears to be no immediate need to trade in your older G-Priv model in favor of this upgraded version, it is nice to see big brands continue to improve on their "best".


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