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Joyetech Cuboid Lite Kit Preview | Expectation vs. Reality
Touchscreen technology underpins many modern electronics. It was only a matter of time before this tech reached the vape industry, with 2017 marking the start of its widespread use. SMOK and Smoant first led the way with the G-Priv and Charon released earlier this year. Joyetech soon followed suit, with their submission of the CUBOID Pro to this category. The CUBOID Lite is their revision of this successful design but the two don't share as much in common as you would expect. Retail Price: $49.9 in https://vapesourcing.com/joyetech-cuboid-lite-with-exceed-d22-kit.html Colors: Silver, Black, Red, Yellow, Purple colorful CUBOID Lite kit The CUBOID Lite Box Mod is a miniature replica of the CUBOID Pro, with notably smaller dimensions. The drastically reduced TFT screen – 1.45 inch vs. 2.4 inch – is no less impressive with a rich color display, that forms the entire side of one panel. And while it is not unreasonable to assume that the Lite will include identical touchscreen functionality to the PRO, sadly this is not the case. Despite similar appearances and a shared name, the Lite is not equipped with the capacity touch panel (CTP) as used in the Pro, meaning that the screen is predominantly a design feature rather than a functional necessity. Yes, you read that right – THIS IS NOT A TOUCHSCREEN DEVICE! Joyetech has been able to keep this setup quite small by including an internal 3000 mAh battery that handles an 80 W power maximum. This powerful cell offers excellent vaping times and includes a 2 A quick charging function for minimal downtime between uses. Joyetech resurrects their successful CUBOID Pro design, in a compact and portable form factor. joyetech cuboid lite with exceed d22 kit Additional features include a real-time clock, preheat functionality and auto shut-down protection, to name a few. Joyetech has also included an intuitive power limit protection, to avoid dry hitting, which automatically drops wattage levels in relation to the atomizer resistance. Plus, for those of you that enjoy monitoring useless stats, the inclusion of a "nicotine intake calculator" provides handy data on your personal vaping style. Truthfully, I am not 100% sold on this feature. Let's be honest, is this something you really want to know? On the other hand, if it gives the vaping vs. smoking debate more validity, then perhaps it serves its purpose after all. The EXCEED D22 atomizer is a discreet addition to this compact setup. Its low-profile design is understated yet versatile, with a convertible e-juice reservoir offering up to 3.5 mL's of storage. Adjustable airflow and EX series coil heads contribute to a flavorful vaping experience in the mid-wattage output range. If I was evaluating this model in isolation, I would give it a massive thumbs-up and declare it an overall "win" for the brand. However, since it exists as part of a series, I cannot shake the feeling that Joyetech has somehow duped us into believing this product is something that it is not, by mere association. I would love to know if any of you jumped to the same conclusions as I did? If so, are you now also a little less excited about its release? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBkMc0h4Dis&feature=youtu.be Source: http://vaping360.com/joyetech-cuboid-lite-kit/

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