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Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit Preview | A Little Revenge
The newest member of Vaporesso's Revenger family hits the shelves this month, and this mini-me setup should be equally impressive. Vaporesso Revenger Kit was a phenomenal success. It undoubtedly propelled the brand to new heights. Capitalizing on this winning design, the company subsequently launched the reiterated Revenger X Kit earlier this year, which showcased design improvements such as responsive touch buttons and the inclusion of an 8-tier vibration setting. The team has since revisited this vape combo for a third time. The newly launched Revenger Mini Kit is a funkier and more compact version of its predecessors. Here is a look at how it compares to the others in the line… cool Vaporesso Revenger Mini kit Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Silver Retail Price: $53.9 in https://vapesourcing.com/vaporesso-revenger-mini-kit.html So, let's talk specs. When comparing them straight out of the box, the Revenger Mini is 6 mm shorter and 5 mm narrower than the former model. It now offers an 85-Watt maximum where it accommodated a whopping, 220 Watts previously. This is due to the built-in, 2500 mAh lithium ion battery that replaces the dual, 18650 external cells used by the Revenger X. However, Vaporesso has retained the mod's former functionality by including the reliable OMNI board 2.2 chipset, which offers identical voltage outputs and native support for atomizer resistances of up to 5 ohms. What this means in theory is that while the mod has less power overall, it is still able to deliver an equally varied vaping experience when compared to that delivered by its bigger brother. The kit now also includes a mini replica of Vaporesso's newest atomizer design, the NRG SE tank. The NRG SE Mini is simply a shorter and lighter version of the original and is available in either a 3.5 mL or 2 mL capacity as required. However, what makes this atomizer particularly noteworthy is the new GT core coil system that is specifically designed to work within Vaporesso's pre-set vaping modes: High, Normal and Soft. This advanced coil family includes five varieties optimized for intense flavor outputs at mid to high power levels. vaporesso revenger mini with nrg se kit All of the Revenger's top features crammed into a smaller kit setup! The design team has had a little more fun with this model, including a patterned, "light up" panel on one side of the mod that provides extra visual appeal when illuminated. As a funky rather than functional design component, this feature is largely subjective and is neither "better" nor "worse" in reality. I for one am not a huge fan of this rather "child-like" element, if I am being completely honest, and would imagine that I am not alone in this. All things considered, the vaporesso revenger mini kit is primarily a more portable version of the Revenger X and will suit users who prefer vaping in the mid-power range. And if you are one of the many vapers who initially considered the Revenger X but were secretly holding out for a more compact equivalent, it appears that your wish has just been granted! How do you feel about the new light-up Revenger Mini or mods with LED lights in general?

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