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Secondhand Smoke vs. Secondhand Vapor – Why They Are Different?
The comparison between secondhand smoke and vapor seems to be a hot topic today. Considering several cities, places and national parks have banned the use of e-cigarettes without even examining the secondhand effects the devices have. Since, e-cigarettes release a vapor, the act of smoking an e-cigarette is commonly known as 'vaping' and not smoking. This is the reason why scientists continue to evaluate the effects of secondhand vapor and how it is different from secondhand smoke. A clearly defined difference between the two will help us to regulate the use of e-cigarettes in public places. secondhand vapor It is interesting to note that the second-hand effects of vapor are assessed to be minor to non-existent. Although the negative influences of secondhand smoking are well documented and are declared to be a threat to other people's health as well, it does not justify the use e-cigarettes indoors or in closed environments. Some scientific evidence does support the notion that secondhand vapor is safer than secondhand smoke. Findings from different studies do reveal that the aerosol emitted in vaping is not as harmful as secondhand smoke. Scientists have studied rooms filled with conventional tobacco smoke by comparing them to rooms filled e-cig vapor. They have pointed out that secondhand vapor is undeniably safer than secondhand smoke as it does not contain harmful and toxic chemicals that are present in conventional tobacco smoke. Well, it is important to understand that the permanent effects of e-cig vapor are yet to be completely researched and documented, there is little evidence to put e-cig vapor in the same basket as tobacco smoke. Here are some benefits that e-cigarettes provide smokers and to the people who are around them.
  • The hand-to-mouth action is very easy and simple
  • Nicotine levels can be adjusted so that its use can be controlled
  • There are hundreds of flavors that are less harmful than traditional tobacco
  • People who are around e-cigarette smokers are less offended as they would be in case of conventional cigarettes
  • It is an affordable alternative to smoking with fewer harmful toxins
E-cigarette manufacturers do not claim that the devices will make you quit smoking completely. However, they are a great substitute to control your nicotine consumption. They are not medical devices to cure a disease, rather, a safer and affordable alternative to cigarettes that produce less dangerous secondhand vapor. Secondhand e-cigs Vapor Thanks to the many benefits of e-cigarettes, thousands of people have successfully quit smoking by gradually reducing their tobacco intake. Many people are happy to switch to e-cigarettes as the devices have helped them to get back their sense of smell and taste again. E-cig smokers not just smell better, they can also do plenty of good to the environment. Of course, there are important questions behind why secondhand vapor is less dangerous than secondhand smoke. The answer lies in how both kinds of cigarettes are engineered. While the conventional cigarette works by burning tobacco, an e-cigarette uses and e-liquid that contains fewer toxins than tobacco. It is also important that you always buy premium e-cigarettes from a trusted source or a vendor that sells only the best of vaping products. Indeed, a few toxic chemicals are discharged in the e-cigarette vapor as well. However, their levels of harm are much lower than conventional tobacco smoke. Final Thoughts People are less intimidated to be around e-cigarette smokers than conventional smokers. Although the complete effects of both secondhand vapor and secondhand smoke are yet to studied more for declaring any final results; research findings make it safer to conclude that secondhand vapor is less harmful than secondhand smoke. People, particularly children, who are exposed to secondhand smoke, are likely to be sick with asthma and various infections.

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