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50W Eleaf iStick Kiya Kit Preview | Basic and boxy

Eleaf is growing their popular iStick series with this portable, built-in battery unit that offers excellent low-wattage vaping.

Eleaf's affordable product range consists of a vast array of simple starter kits. Suitable for vape beginners, these basic vape setups combine effortless usability with decent performance. Eleaf adds the iStick Kiya Kit to their product lineup and with a tagline that reads, "Less is more," we would expect it this model to be simpler than ever before. new eleaf istick kiya kit Colors: Green, Silver, Black Retail Price: $39 in https://vapesourcing.com/eleaf-istick-kiya-with-gs-juni-kit.html The new iStick Kiya is one of Eleaf's smaller vape kits. Measuring only 35.5 x 25.8 x 94.5 mm, it comes paired with a discreet 2 mL tank atomizer that is positioned slightly off-center. The main body also houses a generously sized 1.45-inch rich color screen, which conveniently doubles as either a digital or analog clock display if preferred. Fitted with a 1600 mAh internal battery, the mod reaches 50 watts at maximum levels and has 2 A charging for quick and efficient recharging as needed. Users are treated to full TCR capabilities in addition to the more conventional operating modes, such as power and bypass modes. buy istick kiya kit

Just another basic, budget-friendly box mod

Despite its portable dimensions, the mod is compatible with atomizers of up to 25 mm with no overhang. Eleaf has paired it with their newly designed, GS Juni Tank atomizer that includes a refined airflow system and uses the GS coil family. Non-builders and less experienced users will benefit from these pre-made coils optimized for flavor and rated for use at powers of up to 25 watts. An otherwise unremarkable design, the eleaf iStick Kiya Kit is a notably plug-and-play unit that is easily pocketed when on the go. And with a simple user interface and minimalist controls, it is perfect for vapers looking for an ecig alternative that is robust and reliable.

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