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How To Know If You Have The Real Smok TFV12 Prince
Smok TFV12 Prince tank is so wildly popular some internet sellers have capitalized on that momentum to deceive their customers. There are some easy ways to tell if your TFV12 Prince tank is the real thing. The TFV12 knockoffs can be pretty convincing, so it can be hard to tell the difference when you're shopping online. Often, the seller will not be a reputable vape company and will post the tank or coils for a shockingly low price. That's usually a red flag, but it's not foolproof. Scammers design the imitation tanks and coils with similar specs and fonts, so the untrained eye - or even the most expert vaper - can be fooled. That is until the product doesn't perform as well as it should. prince tank in stock This isn't the first time this has happened with a SMOK product, so the company launched a special verification system in March 2017 that helps consumers know if they've been a victim of a TFV12 Prince imitation scam or any Smoktech product imitation ruse for that matter. SMOK updated its packaging and its security system app to include a multi-pronged verification process you can use after you buy a product: 1. Download the Vaping Tour App to gain access to the verification tool. 2. Open the app and click "Security." 3. Scan the product's code 4. Scan the Code A on the product package; it should show up as "not activated" 5. Scratch the protective coating that conceals Code B 6. Click "Activate Your Product" on App 7. Scan Code B again and confirm Once all these steps are completed, you'll get a "Congratulations" message if you've got a bona fide TFV12 tank or coils on your hands. If you're planning on reselling the item at some point, click "Bind To User," so your verification will be saved for future reference. SMOK advises that anyone who gets an alert that reads "Sorry; this activation code failed," try to scan Code B again and then immediately contact the place where you bought it if you still get an error. Visit the SMOK website for more information on how to tell if you've been a victim of a TFV12 Prince imitation scam.

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