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Safety Tips While Vaping Around Pets
Although vaping is a much less harmful alternative to smoking, it can still pose risks that we often don't even think about. When we are vaping around pets, E Liquids, cords, batteries, and devices can become hazardous if we're not careful. Although we often take steps to protect our children from vaping products, the following safety precautions will help to also ensure that our beloved furry family members remain healthy. vaping around pets More research necessary for us to understand the long-term health effects of second-hand vapor. Preliminary results indicate that it is much safer than second-hand smoke. However, vapor still contains traces of nicotine, and efforts should be made to vape in well-ventilated spaces. Pets tend to clean themselves with their tongue, and it is possible that your pets may ingest traces of nicotine that were deposited on their fur after being exposed to vape clouds. Vaping devices use rechargeable batteries that we have to charge from time to time. Some devices have built-in batteries and utilize a micro-USB cable that connects the device to a USB port or a wall socket. Often, the cable dangles low enough to the ground for your pet to have access to it. Dogs and cats look at this cable as a toy to play with and chew on. This poses a risk for your pet in getting an electrical shock or potentially getting access to the vaping device by pulling it down to the ground by tugging on the cable. We love our pets and we treat them just like a family member. It is important to understand that pets may not be able to discern what is potentially dangerous to them or not. In many ways, they are just like toddlers. Pet-proofing your home can easily be accomplished when we are vaping around pets. Vigilance about keeping your vaping paraphernalia out of reach will help to ensure a safe environment for your dogs and cats.

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