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Is the VooPoo Drag Resin Edition 157W TC Box Mod Worth the Cash?
The VooPoo Drag resin edition is all about high-performance and design. Inside the box (which standing alone is of high-quality), you will find the VooPoo Drag 157W TC box mod neatly fitted in a Styrofoam coffin. Many vapers say the VooPoo Drag just feels right in the hand when gripped. Weighing in at about 315 grams, the box mod is not overly heavy or bulky. Internally, the VooPoo isn't nothing to mess with. Integrated within the VooPoo Drag is a highly advanced 32-bit GENE Chip. It is this chipset which enables firing up to 157W and an accurate control of temperature never seen before. VOOPOO DRAG 157W MOD RESIN VERSION The onboard chipset is firmware upgradeable, which enables the user to keep his or her device current. What’s more, the VooPoo Drag resin edition 157W TC Box Mod fires almost instantly at 0.025 seconds. Once you get your hands on one of these, good luck putting it down! So I'd drop the necessary cash for one of these VooPoo Drag box mods in Resin Edition. Choose Vapesourcing Company.

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