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One-eyed Horus's song for VAPEFLY Horus RTA
Hello everyone. Today I will bring you the review of new VAPEFLY Horus RTA. Just instantly, it feels like my favourite one-shoot RDA-Galaxies. The Horus's balance of the air intake and evaporation gives me a very deep impression. The brightest future is the air intake structure without any e-juice leakage. The upper cover with a silicone gasket can also be used to insulate oil or smoke oil attach during use. Unique "b" type airflow system makes air flow from up to one-side and down. The shape of the airstream is like a musical sign, making the smoke soft but not empty. Although the atomizer looks not too exquisite, it play well in the filament or single line. Vapefly Horus RTA Rebuildable Tank On the whole, VAPEFLY Horus RTA is a balanced atomizer. When the tampon is a little less, as long as it is not deliberately inverted, it will not leak e-juice. When the tampon is a little bit more. When using it, turn the cover open until the oil is reduced and then re-plug the cotton. It is an extremely enlightening guide for new players. It can adapt to a wide range of air intake adjustments and proper atomization space no matter using single line or filament. For older fellows with a certain degree of familiarity, it is also worth exploring its excellent coil compatibility. Above is the Vapefly Horus RTA. I hope you can understand more about its features.

You can get it at Vapesourcing with $26.4.


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