Any e-cigarette product is the same. If you want to be highly regarded, widely admired, and long-lasting, you must have high value and excellent taste, and the taste often depends on the design of the brain storm. The RECURVE RDA atomizer, which is shared for everyone today, is a bright new eye-catching device from WOTOFO.

Wotofo Recurve RDA DEAL

First of all, I like RECURVE RDA's appearance very much, the red sucker and the black cover, the mix of color is very classic, the eye-catching index is relatively high, easy to remember. In particular, the waisted shape on the suction nozzle and cover makes the RECURVE RDA very delicate and charming. It is not the most beautiful RDA, but it is also very popular. Secondly, the design of the RECURVE RDA electrode base is almost unbelievable. It completely breaking the conventional pattern, using two trapezoidal electrode columns that have been cut off, is truly impressive.

In fact, what I really admired was the RECURVE RDA's air intake design, which changed the common coarse intake mode to the honeycomb inclined down small hole inlet. When it comes to air intake, it is generally accepted that the bottom air intake will be better, and here I would like to say is that the WOTOFO RECURVE RDA's precision air intake brings great taste.

Recurve RDA review

Thank you for reading the review, I hope you will enjoy the experience of WOTOFO RECURVE RDA.

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