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The Culprit of Frying Oil from Atomizer is Here!
No matter whether it is manually rebuildable RTA or common finished atomizer, in fact, the phenomenon of frying oil is common in our daily use. Especially for newcomers who have just contacted electronic cigarettes, they feel even more annoyed. With regard to the problem of frying oil and how to deal with it, I hope to provide you with some references and help. atomizer search First of all, confirm what is the phenomenon of "fried oil". We all know that more than 90% of the coil in the electronic cigarette atomizer use the structure that the cotton carries the smoke oil, and the physics reaction that the smoke oil turns into water mist is realized by the coil heating. In the rapid temperature rise of coils, smoke oil is not directly produce water mist but inject the frying oil into coils even our mouths due to various reasons oftentimes, this is what we often call the phenomenon of fried oil. What is the biggest factor that causes frying oil? It's cotton. The cotton, in the center of the coil, shows the "full" state is the most perfect, then the most visual inspection of this "full" is fried oil. If the amount of cotton is too large, the tight cotton in the center of the coil will cause the taste of the smoke to be reduced, that is to say, the smoke oil that can be used in a single atomization will be reduced. If the amount of cotton is too small, the amount of smoke oil reserves in the cotton will be excessive. When the coil is rapidly heated up, the smoke oil will often blow directly in the form of e-liquid! frying oil Why frying oil also happen in finished coil? The first thing to confirm is that the output power when using the finished coil is within a reasonable range. This phenomenon of "finished atomizer frying oil" occurs mostly when the atomizer's static time is too long. In other words, there is no problem in daily use. When the atomizer is stationary for a long time or more, it will appear as frying oil. This is a phenomenon influenced by the physical characteristics of cotton and oil storage. The most effective way to solve this problem, when the atomizer is static for a long time, the first and second ports are not to be used directly, first "normally ignite" twice to allow excess smoke to atomizer. Summarizing the problem of frying oil, in the case of finished cores, the excess smoke oil storage phenomenon caused by the static time is usually too long. When using it again, it is only necessary to simulate the ignition twice and the excess smoke oil can be atomized. For the RTA, the frying oil phenomenon is relatively complex. It is related to the amount of cotton, coil category, power output, etc. These important factors also affect the probability of frying oil on most of the premise.

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