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CoilART MAGE RTA V2 Atomizer Review
The rapid development of e-cigarettes has led to the rapid development of products. The various requirements of users for RTA products have become more and more demanding. During this period, COILART has also launched many RTA products. The follow-up version of MAGE RTA has finally come. What new setting does V2 have made COILART willing to take so long? MAGE RTA V2 Even if the appearance is not top-notch, the CoilART MAGE RTA V2's overall design is at least good-looking. Although 90% of the design is similar to the MAGE TANK introduced earlier, the structure of the atomizer makes it clear that this is a version of RTA. The mainstream's 24MM diameter design, regardless of the match with the mod kit and the mechanical kit can have an excellent fit. Top- oil-filing, bottom air intake, also is the conventional representative of "convenience" and "mouthfeel". In addition to the benefits of appearance, non-slip knurling can also increase finger friction, but the appearance of this pre-release version is still slightly stiff, and after a single polish it will make the feel smooth. After the simple structure is disassembled, you can see the 29-hole inlet base. If the bottom inlet is defined as the best taste, then this 29 -hole 1mm bottom inlet should bring different good-quality experience. Hive air intake can create a supple inhalation sense, and RTA's biggest structural advantage is that the oil storage characteristics can be easily taken out, so I would prefer to use a common single-wire A1 coil, of course, is it 22G or 24G or Clapton coil, these are determined by personal preference. The feeling of 24G is more delicate and 22G is more solid smoke, and the caffeine patients choose Clapton. The bottom air intake is divided into three spans with large adjustment holes. If a single 24G wire is used, the air intake needs to be closed to about 30% to get good suction resistance and smoke density, lower resistance wire or Clapton. The coil can increase the intake air volume appropriately. When the intake air is in full opening, the airflow entering the atomization chamber is large, and the phenomenon of dimming the smoke concentration may occur. MAGE RTA V2 Deal The overall experience of MAGE RTA V2 is different from GTA which has similar appearance, and its entire intake system has obvious over-optimization. If GTA's air intake design is suitable for single-foil mouthfeel, then MAGE RTA V2 is obviously increase smoke compatibility. A large area of air intake through the honeycomb holes brings a wrap-around effect to the coils. Both have their own advantages. At the end, I will recommend you some e-juice for this RTA: NKD 100 Salt Lava Flow E-juice Mr Salt E Cotton Candy E-juice  

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