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Great Three Proofing Mod - GeekVape Aegis Legend TC Box MOD 200W
Aegis is an chip mod box launched in the middle of last year. Its main feature is three proofing: anti-water, anti-dust, anti-collision. Although it is a single battery mode box, it uses a 26650 battery with a certain level of battery life and output, and also can use 18650 battery through the adaptor. I have been using it for nine months, although there are a lot of scratches and dents, it is still my love mod box. But today, we will talk about the latest version of Aegis - Aegis Legend TC Box MOD 200W. Firstly is the appearance. The leather and sutures on the back, and the die-cast aluminum outer ring on the side C, these Aegis's biggest features are all preserved. The exterior is covered with silicone and covers all corners completely. According to official website data, the silicone rubber is Liquid Silicone Rubbe (LSR). It can provide a good crash buffer and should be injected directly from the mold to the liquid rubber. it is completely flat on the body. The port above the atomizer is equipped with two more oil guide grooves, which enhances the protection against leakage of e-juice or more condensation. The USB terminal of Aegis is hidden under the top cover of the top layer and it is necessary to turn the hexagon screw in order to use or upgrade it. The Aegis Legend uses a rubber gasket about 5mm thick to plug it in. It can be easily lifted by applying a little force on the finger. It is more convenient to use, but it must be compacted after upgrading or charging to avoid damaging waterproof protection. Aegis Legend Mod Review Then about its performance. The Geekvape Aegis Legend is a dual 18650 version of the Aegis. The concept and function are almost the same. The big difference is the introduction of a three-color display, which simplifies a bit of tedious design and extends the humanization. The Aegis Legend is a bit larger, which is the result of its increased battery life in order to maintain its defensive power. However, the amount of electricity that can be increased is quite a few. Two days and nights or three days and two nights in the short days of travel, in the light and limited luggage space considerations, perhaps I will carry other hosts, but if it is daily work or long days of travel, then it is the first choice. I hope you can understand more about its features.

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