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How to Make Smoke Ring While Vaping
Pay tribute to everyone who has worked hard to make the spit ring: smoke ring 1. Your mouth shape must be an O-shape. It doesn't need to be too large. It is normal posture that you feel comfortable with. 2. Your tongue must be as flat as possible and you do not need to straighten your tongue on purpose. 3. It's coughing. But how to cough? You can feel it. When there is something in the throat, you want to cough it out now. You don't need to be as strong and slightly lighter. During the process, your tongue must stay motionless. 4. Keep frequency. The frequency of making this smoke ring is related to the speed of the smoke ring you cough. According to the four steps of making smoke ring, practice for 2-3 days, you can basically master the skills of making smoke ring. After these four steps, you may have problems. This is what the other educators did not give you. After you learn to make the smoke ring, you will meet two situations like most of people have met: 1. The smoke ring is not too far; 2. Smoke rings easily scattered. how to make smoke ring The reasons for these two situations are mostly due to your psychological factors. Many people do not dare to make because they are afraid of making. They do not dare to make that the smoke ring that causes the spiting will not be strong because when our mouth gathers smoke together, the smoke will change to a mouth shape. The ring was spit out. But you do not dare to make, so the smoke ring that spits out will be easy to disperse. If you have mastered the strength, the smoke ring will not be easy to disperse, but if your breathe is too strong, the smoke will easily spread after being spit out. There is another important point: Be sure to dare to go and do it. Don't be discouraged.

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