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The New Galaxy - Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA Review
Today I will talk about the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA, which has the name of the Galaxy. The narrow and wide structure of the tip drip extended from the Galaxies RDA, the curve, and material of the fitting lips make the heat insulation, anti-condensation, and anti-frying e-juice have excellent performance. The O-Ring on the top and bottom of the glass chamber is L-shaped, providing a good airtightness in the chamber. When tightening or decomposing, it can also be used for protective glass chamber, refilling or making wires is also very convenient. Its biggest feature is the two little pinions underneath. The way to determine the air intake aperture by dialing the gear is simple and clear. Players who like to further study the air intake can also change the air intake box on the inner side of the wire holder. With four kinds of pore size, pore location or number of holes determine the volume and scope of the role of the gas flow. As for the performance of suction resistance, it can only be said that Galaxies RTA is a pure MTL atomizer, its minimum suction resistance has been slightly smaller than that of regular cigarettes, the biggest resistance is the style of challenging limits. cheap Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA The following is about its performance. Use a 6-turn Ni80 with a resistance of 0.36Ω, and the 2.5mm single-hole square with the coil width. Although using the little chamber and such low-ohm coils are not easy to experience the low-temperature layered feeling in continuous use, they are relatively suitable for some e-juice that taste like my favorite. At the same time, the uniform analytical sensation of a certain fruit e-juice can express a pink sweet candy feeling. If you prefer a direct impact feeling, it is recommended to change to a 1mm double perforated air intake block. The above is the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA brought about this time. I hope you can understand more about its features. Related RTA: Triple V2 RTA Intake RTA Related Review Of RTA: Three Coil MADNESS - Vandy Vape Triple V2 RTA's review

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