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In the middle of 2018, many RDAs which are famous for their excellent mouth-feeling and big cloud have come, including the two latest 22mm diameter RDA: the Digiflavor DROP SOLO RDA and the CoilART DPRO Mini RDA, which one is better? let's see.

Digiflavor DROP SOLO RDA

Firstly, the post's design of the DROP SOLO RDA is laterally juxtaposed and install the coil on the top. This design can make the heating wire have a great free space. Space is more smooth and direct after the emission of a large smoke, and no turbulence and eddy current will be formed in the chamber. At the same time, at the height position of the heating wire, the outer cover is designed with porous adjustable intake air, and the air volume is adjusted to make the smoke reach the oral cavity. These designs together create a rich taste. best Digiflavor DROP SOLO RDA Secondly, DROP SOLO RDA's e-juice storage guide cotton tank, deep up to 5MM, with heating wire distance is to nearly 1CM. The storage space in the tank is greatly increased, and there is no need to worry about e-juice leakage, and the e-juice guiding quantity is also increased. This design can further reduce the temperature inside the atomizer compartment, and the smoke is not hot in the mouth, as if using MTL RTA. The dome design on the top of the cover, to a great extent, gathers smoke to avoid the firing of e-juice, so that the smoke reaches a smooth taste on a rich basis.


You can see that the DPRO MINI is a single-coil-type design with three air intake holes on each side and a lateral direct blow coil. Under the air inlet holes on both sides is its upper wire hole. It should be noted that the diagonal position of the wire hole is adapted to the reverse wound coil. For such a product that is obviously aimed at single-coil filaments, most players choose to buy finished filaments, and most of the finished filaments are positively wound, which means that players also need to bend the line into this small space and install, the original convenience is unfriendly in the actual situation, which is very embarrassing. When the coil is installed, since the grooves on both sides are wide, large and deep, the amount of packing is quite amazing for a single-coil 22mm RDA, and the endurance is very good. But I don't know if the old players will encounter a "hidden attribute" brought by it. This attribute we will find that the rising space between the two is very small after the height of the deck extension and the height of the chamber. In addition, the amount of e-juice stored in the cotton is sufficient, and you will find that it is particularly easy to suck the e-juice directly after the e-juice is dripped with conventional lungs. If you use BF equipment, the e-juice absorption phenomenon will be more obvious,  so be sure to pay attention to the amount of e-juice. best CoilART DPRO Mini RDA So in conclusion, the mouth-feeling brought by Digiflavor DROP SOLO RDA is richer than CoilART DPRO Mini RDA's, which is mainly the reason for the intake structure. Don't you think so?

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