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Horizon Falcon Tank VS FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank - Which One Has The Best Meshed Coil
The application of metal mesh in the field of electronic cigarette atomizers has a long history, but the original metal mesh was used as an oil guide material. Then it was completely replaced by the oil-guided cotton due to the excessively high production difficulty, appeared again until as a heating element by the meshed atomizer. Today we will choose two meshed coil atomizers: Falcon tank and Mesh Pro Tank, then we will give a detailed evaluation of their meshed coils' performance.

The first one is the Cheap Horizon Falcon Tank.

Just like the SMOK TFV12 Prince, and the Uwell Valyrian, the Falcon makes an unassuming first impression with the metallic blue finish and 25mm diameter. The Falcon is extremely well-machined, with flawless threading, well-designed parts, and a thoughtful selection of extras inside the tube packaging. Another feature of note is the extra large fill ports, underneath the butter-smooth top cap. Finally, the bottom airflow contains three fairly large slots, measuring roughly 14mm each. Even mostly closed off, the Falcon proved to have a loose draw, but the well-machined AFC ring allows for a semi-restrictive MTL draw when closed entirely. best Horizon Falcon for sale

The second one is Cheap FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank.

The FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank uses a unique imitation jade coating design, made of 316 stainless steel, both inside and outside is the overall appearance. The tip drip adopts a size of 510, and the appearance of the imitating jade coating does differ from the current drip of the finished atomizers. The feeling of touching with the lips is more real, and the bottom adopts a double apron to be more compact. The inner part of the drip is chamfered, the inner narrower and the outer one is wider, and the condensation is retained in the inner corner of the drip. The top cap adopts a threaded connection to the coil to project the effect of closing the e-juice filling port. The two large half-opening ports of the atomizer's top filling port are compatible with any type of e-juice filling method! It's so simple. best FreeMax Mesh Pro tank The meshed coil is the highlight of this FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank. There are four guide holes in the middle to quickly absorb e-juice, so it is not a problem. The advantage of the meshed coil is that it can be evenly distributed on the organic cotton, and the heating can evenly achieve the atomization effect. With four e-juice guide holes increase the amount of smoke in a short time. The most important thing is the compact area of the meshed coil. When the heating area is large, it is evenly distributed at a reasonable temperature, so it is not easy to scorch and has a longer life. In conclusion, both of them give me the feeling that the uniform heating is more delicate and full than the traditional coil. The traditional coils evaporate more smoke particles and the total amount is higher, which also brings about strong taste performance. The exquisite particles formed by the heating of the meshes are more inclined to restore the taste and smoke analysis & layering. You may be interested in my post about mesh coil: New Vape Experience With Mesh Coil

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