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What Effect Does the Material of the Vape Tanks Have on The Mouth-feeling
Here I briefly explain the mouth-feeling, we all know that the material of the atomizer is usually copper chrome, stainless steel, and even zinc alloy chrome. Individual atomizers are made of ceramic, fiber tubes (insulated tubes), which are basically finished atomizers. And almost all of the above materials belong to the Upper-intermediate level atomizer, just give a description for comparison. The atomization chamber material and space of the atomizer have a great influence on the taste and mouth-feeling. This shows that the core of the same specification has different taste and mouth-feeling in different atomizers. The difference between ceramics and fiber tubes is actually very large. The fiber tube only enhances a little effect, and the effect is even indistinguishable from the presence and absence, and it also has a strange taste. For stainless steel, material and process are extremely important, and there is a fundamental difference between the taste and the mouth-feeling. Good craftsmanship with high-quality materials is more effective than fiber tube. hot selling vape tanks And ceramic? The effect of the ceramic is the best, the taste and mouth-feeling can be balanced and clean when the smoke enters the mouth, it is soft and mellow, and the taste is rich and clear. Because the role of ceramics is to condense and isolate so that the liquid in the process of heating is not affected by the external and metal changes. It is not unreasonable to use casseroles for peony and broth. Simply put, metal is like a cauldron snack in a school cafeteria, the taste is just so-so. The fiber tube is like the stir-fry in the food stalls. The taste with the seasoning will always change. And ceramics is the finest medicated diet. Here I commend you vapors some atomizers with good material and workmanship, such as SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Tank, Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA and Hellvape Drop Dead RDA.

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