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The Hazard of Short Circuit of Electronic Cigarette Battery and The Purchase of Charger
In general, a short circuit is equivalent to the positive and negative poles of the battery connected directly through the wire. Should there be no danger? Because watching the positive and negative poles are connected together, there is no electrical equipment, there will be no current generated? This idea is actually very wrong. In the circuit, the current does not flow through the consumer, directly connected to the two poles of the power supply, then the short circuit of the power supply. According to Ohm's law, current = voltage ÷ resistance, since the resistance of the wire is small (how small? 0.001 ohms can be tried), the current on the circuit will be very large when the power supply is short-circuited. Such a large current, the battery can not bear at all, will cause battery damage; more serious, because the current is too large, the temperature of the battery will rise, in serious cases may cause leakage, melting, and even explosion and fire. Here I strongly recommend Vapesourcing 18650 Battery, which can stand high current in case of short circuit, and it is specially designed for vaping with a long lifetime. Regarding the safe use of the battery, it cannot but mention the charger. Because in the battery circle, there is such a saying "90% of the battery is not worn out in using, but is worn out in charging." This shows the importance of the charger for the battery. 18650 Battery The reason why the inferior charger will damage the battery is because of the characteristics of the battery. Lithium batteries are not afraid of use and charging, but they are afraid of overcharging and over-discharging. It also includes two aspects. One is that the discharge current exceeds the load range of the battery, that is, “overload”, and the other is that the battery continues to be discharged when the battery is dead, eventually causing the battery to be scrapped. Although the battery and charger are very important, you don’t need to be too nervous. As long as you follow the safety regulations, using genuine batteries and chargers will greatly reduce the chance of accidents. Safety is the number one thing. Battery Charger Through the above explanation, friends must also ask, what charger is reliable? Two points, first, must be genuine, second, to comply with the specification, that is, the charger supports stop charging when the battery is full. There is a good brand reputation in chargers, that is NITECORE, is also an old charger manufacturer. Here I highly recommend the NITECORE NEW I2 Battery Charger, which adopts Active Current Distribution (ACD) Technology to automatically identify battery types and capacity, and then applies an appropriate charging current based on automatic detection or manual setting.

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