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2018 Best Hot Sale Pod Vape kits Recommendation
The pod vape kits are small and easy to carry and do not give extra burden when taken outside, so they are loved vapors who want to replace cigarettes. However, another meaning of pod system means that the amount of smoke is relatively small. Therefore, in general, the taste of the pod vape is inferior to the conventional structure of the TC box mod kits. Fortunately, intelligent engineers are always breaking through the technical bottleneck. As the pod vape kit continues to evolve, this gap is also shrinking. So today we will introduce you some hot-sale pod vape kits with great flavor. The first is the Joyetech eGo AIO Mansion Pod System Kit. This device is very compact, you can use AIO mansion on two different ways, you can use it with fire button or you can just direct inhale which will activate the sensor, so without fire button. Max output power here is 30w when the battery is fully charged. This device uses the same coils as very popular cubes. On previous versions of ego aio that use cubes coils you can vape direct to lung or mouth to the lung, same is here, you can use this device for direct to lung or mouth to lung vaping, depending which coil you use, but this is really good. Joyetech pod vape kit The second one is Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Pod Kit. Breeze 2 uses a rounded rectangular body design, the size of the body is very comfortable, the body processing technology is excellent, and the new atomizing structure makes the Breeze 2 both improved in appearance and performance. Breeze 2's cartridges are solid and durable and are clearly distinguishable from common disposable cartridges. Breeze 2's cartridges are easy to clean, and vapors can easily observe the amount of e-juice remaining in the cartridge. When you vape the Breeze 2, you will get a warm, delicious MTL experience and a comfortable throat-hitting feeling. Aspire pod vape kit The third one is Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System Kit. Its 600 mAh or more capacity should meet the needs of going out. Besides, the Renova Zero has two innovation. Quick refilling design, the official word is PTF SYSTEM, presumably is the abbreviation of pressure to fill, its actual use is indeed more convenient than rubber plug. The other innovation is the OMNI Board mini, so the pod system supports the temperature control. The power of the three modes is 12.5/10.5/9 watts respectively, corresponding to green/blue/red, and after selection, it is 3 times to indicate success. In the actual experience, the feelings of these three modes are not much different, that is, the difference in smoke size. Vaporesso pod vape kit The fourth one is the SMOK X-Force Kit. In the vast sea of SMOK vape's kits in the past, it seems that there has not been such a special kit. It has the volume and weight of a pod system kit, but it also has a 7ml exaggerated e-juice volume and its amount of smoke and mouth-feeling can compare favorably with TC box mods'. In addition to careful selection of the design of the exquisitely stylish and portable machine, the tailor-made ceramic coil and unique internal structure are also indispensable. SMOK pod vape kit You may also interested in: 2018 Best Hot Sale Vape Pen Kits Recommendation

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