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2018 Best Hot Sale Squonk Mods Recommendation
Squonk mods have actually been around for quite some time but have only recently hit the mainstream. A squonker is a special type of vape mod with a built-in bottle containing e-liquid. It allows you to pump e-juice into your wicks and coils on demand. They are also known as bottom-filling devices because the e-juice is fed upwards through the bottom of the atomizer. So today we will share three best squonk mods to you guys. The first is the Pulse BF, which has a simple look, taking pretty much the same design as the overly popular original and unregulated Pulse BF. If you’re into your light shows or flashing LED’s then this mod is not going to suit you! It’s a pretty simple design, featuring a nice bright 0.91 inch wide OLED screen with an oversized firing button above and two small up and down buttons below. The key selling point of the Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80 squonk mod is the seemingly new Vandy chipset, which is a legitimate, advanced board, capable of 80 watts, full temperature control, unique firing modes, bypass mode, firmware upgrades and more. Moreover, it adopts many of the same great features found in the original version, such as the food-grade 7ML squonk bottle, the capability of housing a single 18650 battery, and the same compact design that many vapers have come to enjoy. best Vandy Vape mod The second is Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 TC Squonk Mod. The Pico Squeeze 2 features a simple 3-button layout with +/- adjustment buttons on the front of the unit. The buttons are round and each button is semi-circular. The ignition button is another strange button located in the middle of the back of the mod. It seems that its design is to use the thumb to click, so I feel it is the most comfortable position. The OLED screen on the Pico Squeeze 2 is not large, it is too small, only 0.49 inches. The Pico Squeeze 2 is built with the latest Avatar chips and can be powered up to 100W, claiming it supports fast ignition. It has a full temperature control mode that supports Ni200, Titanium, and SS316, as well as 3 self-defined TCR modes. In addition, it supports bypass mode, and power mode, which can set preheating power and duration. Eleaf vape The last one is Wismec Luxotic MF box mod. Its MF stands for Multifunction as the luxotic MF has tons of options. It can be used as a single 2x700 squonk mod or as a dual 18650 parallel mod. It features replaceable chips as well coming standard with a basic 100W regulated chip with the standard wismec feature set as well as an optional DO (Direct output) chip you can swap out making it like the Luxotic BF mod. The paint on the mod is good. No wearing or fading outside of the bottom which is pretty normal. Any version you get can be used as a dual 18650 parallel mod or a single 2x700 squonk mod. And if you get the DO (Direct Output) chip, you can use it as a mech mod. wismec vape device You may like the list of 2018 Best Hot Sale Mechanical Mods Recommendation

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