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GeekVape Zeus X RTA New GeekVape Zeus Generation
Geekvape released the third of the famous RTA series on Zeus. This called Zeus X RTA was compiled with elements that had been very successful in adding new elements by their predecessors. The real results of reconstruction are flavor and steam. Zeus X RTA came up with a very powerful design that was all circular. It always has a diameter of 25mm and the air coming in stays at the top level, so you can make sure the leak e-liquid doesn't happen. The Zeus X RTA can also hold up to 4.5ml of e-liquid through a bubble reservoir. It also presents a direct Pyrex, which passes through 3.5 ml.
Zeus X rta review
What's new about Zeus X RTA is the level of available sectors. Column-free for simple or double-coil applications, which can be more comfortable and easy to use with components. The plate is associated with a new air flow system that is larger and more accurate to obtain more cloud and flavor.

Then let's take a look back at GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA

GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA has a base 26mm wide that can hold more than 5 ml of vape juice. The GeekVape Zeus RTA has two dripping tips, one for level, like a wide "sleeve" dripping tip, and the other for a more traditional, taller seat. They're both 810, so you can change it with your own if you want! The Zeus RTA also comes with a 510 drop adapter.
Zeus Dual RTA review
It is made of soft stainless steel. It is the top airflow, from the airflow trough down into the chamber, around a single or double coil construction, to the bottom of the tank, and then through the chimney backflow to pass through the inhalation flavor. It's a complex system, but it also gives me a clear and focused flavor. In addition, it can prevent leakage. They could be the right RTA vape you've been looking for! So far, it's so good! The flavors are superb, the clouds are compelling, and they look so cool!

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