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VOOPOO Best GENE Chips Box Mods You Deserve Own
Since Voopoo purchased Woody Vapes, the Voopoo GENE chips are now installed in Voopoo & Woody Vapes X217. Therefore, ultra-fast ignition is installed (0.01 seconds!). The X217 can deliver up to 217W of power on its GENE.FAN chips. This mod is suitable for the batteries used and is compatible with 20700,21700 or 18650 batteries.
Woody Vapes X217 review
In fact, the kit includes two Voopoo own-brand 21700 batteries. The remarkable feature of this model is the LED light display, which apparently has a response mode to your inhalation. The longer the inhalation, the faster the flash frequency. There are 7 colors of lights to choose from. On the front of the mod, there is a 1.3-inch color TFT HD screen, you can choose variable power, variable voltage, temperature control, and custom user mode.

Let's take a look at another compact and stylish box mod from VOOPOO-Drag 2 box mod

The drag 2 mod 177w is powered by a new chip, GENE.FIT. This new chip implements an ingenious new pattern that simplifies vaping while protecting the coils from burning. It has three different settings, called FIT 1/2/3. These Numbers correspond to battery settings, cloud Settings, and flavor Settings, and it calculates the best-preset output for each setting.
drag 2 mod review
The Drag 2 box mod is like its older brother Drag, with a large and colorful resin panel on one side and a dramatic "Drag" logo panel on the back. Remove this metal "DRAG" panel to view and replace dual 18650 batteries. VOOPOO also chose to keep the bevel on the opposite side of the mod to make it more comfortable to hold in the hand. Voopoo X217 Mod and Drag 2 are both very well crafted and designed box mods that are very comfortable to hold. When I saw them for the first time, I was impressed by their design and feeling. Just try to have them if you're interested like me!

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