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Eleaf iJust 21700 Will Beat The Eleaf iJust 3 Kit?
If you are in the vaping market for a vape pen, you will definitely be recommended to purchase Eleaf iJust 3. Because the Eleaf iJust series has done quite well in the past. Today I'm going to introduce a new member of the ijust family - the Eleaf iJust 21700 kit. Like other versions, Eleaf iJust 21700 kit has a maximum output of 80W but is not adjustable. The full kit includes the Ello Duro tank and with new mesh coils, the HW-N2 (Net) and HW-M2 (multihole). Obviously, these versions have porous cotton core suction, which can better absorb the e-liquid. Eleaf also says there are "Leakage Proof" and self-cleaning designs.
Eleaf iJust 21700 kit review
The Eleaf iJust 21700 Mod has a single fire button as the only user interface, so it should be very simple and easy to use. On the outside of the launch button is an LED that changes color to indicate the remaining battery capacity. Eleaf iJust 21700 Kit has five colors to choose from - purple, blue, silver, dazzling, red and black.

Will the Eleaf iJust 21700 can beat the iJust 3? Let's look at the old version Eleaf iJust 3 Kit with ELLO Duro Atomizer!

The Eleaf iJust 3 starter kit has a built-in 3000mAh battery with a maximum output of about 80W. The ELLO Duro Sub-Ohm Tank in this kit is 25mm, with a juice capacity of 2-6.5ml. ELLO Duro uses the Eleaf HW coil series. Of course, Eleaf provides updated kanthal grid technology in its coils.
Eleaf iJust 3
You can choose HW-N 0.2ohm Kanthal net coil or HW-M 0.15ohm Kathal porous coil. The iJust 3 has a large trigger button with a lit battery life indicator, which is very convenient. When your Eleaf iJust 3 is charged by 100-60%, the indicator will light up in green. Orange indicates that your charge capacity is between 59-30%, blue indicates 29-10%, and red indicates 9% or less. The Eleaf iJust 3 looks great, but more importantly, it has great functionality and is popular with many people. If you are a new vaper, both the two Eleaf ijust kits are perfect for you, but what do you think about the Eleaf ijust 21700 will beat the ijust 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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