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How To Start Vaping In Easy Steps? 2019 Best Guides
If you are looking to quit smoking, although the vape kit on the market has improved significantly over the years and makes it easier for smokers to switch, there is still a learning process for new vapers that need to get the best vape kits. We have been helping people to quit smoking to vaping, so here are our latest 2019 guides on how to quit smoking and start vaping through the following simple steps:

Here are 4 questions that we think you should ask yourself before choosing your vaping:

  • 1. Are you eager for the kind of satisfaction that nicotine brings to you and want to have an impactful experience?
  • 2. Or do you prefer the sensory aspect of smoking, do you want to satisfy this desire?
  • 3. Big cloud is more important or prefers to be more cautious in vaping?
  • 4. Do you want a large device that will leave an impression when you show it to people, or do you prefer something smaller and more portable?

Once you've thought about and answered these you're ready to go shopping!

If you're after that big satisfying nicotine hit, we recommend that you choose a heating coil with high resistance. Use these devices are less power hungry, so you will be able to use vape juice with high nicotine content. These devices are usually, but not always, smaller and more discreet, and because they consume less power, the battery has a longer life. You can still get a fair amount of steam from it, but they don't produce huge clouds that you can get from more powerful visions. They are a good choice for situations where you are cautious and unnoticed.

Recommend a new vape pod kit:

The Eleaf iCare Flask is a small, compact design that maintains a beautiful appearance that is comfortable and portable. Small size but built-in 520 mAh battery, so you don't have to worry about vaping all day. The price is only $19.9 (less than $20) is perfect for vapers that just start vaping. Eleaf iCare Flask review

You may also like:

NOVO SMOK has always been the champion of our website hot list because it's very fit for beginners. It looks good and comes with excellent internal performance. NOVO can produce big, airy direct-lung hits with your favorite nicotine salt e-juice. smok novo review

Do you want more steam and big clouds?

But if you want a big cloud, you should choose a device with a coil or wick that has a low resistance. These types of devices consume more power, which means they are usually larger to meet the demand for larger batteries. Their tanks are also often larger. That's because coils with lower resistance will vaporize more juice per puff. This means more steam and big clouds.

Recommend you that:

Morph 219 SMOK is a dual 18650 powerhouse with a maximum output of 219w, a new 1.9-inch touch screen, responsive, new user interface, and most operations can be done with a simple touch. The TF2019 Tank has 6ml of high capacity and multiple coil options, just fill in your favorite vape juice. It offers two of the best sub ohm SMOK mesh coil options that not only guarantee the flavor and cloud you imagine, but they will last a long time. Morph 219

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