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Voopoo Argus Series Review Of Comparison

Hey, guys. Merry Christmas in advance. Our VS online shop will have a big Christmas vape deal for you. Today I will write a review of comparison of voopoo argus series products.

Vopoo Argus Air Pod Kit

Vopoo has developed its new system, the Vopoo Argus Air Pod kit, designed to deport both the replacement of the 3.8ml (standard cartridge) and the 3.8ml (pod cartridge). This is the most newly reformist vaping unit system. It has the intrinsic astonishing GENE.AI chipset. It was designed with a viable charging capacity, filling you with more energy for a steady vamping. It can identify the twist which matches up the power. It is a combo of authentic vox mod and sub-tank, consisting of two to three natty features. It has an ergonomic and harsh structure, but it is not waterproof like the Aegis line.

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The vapor Argus Air structure is very astounding, which is easier to carry with you in a rush. It has a 0.54 OLED screen, which is made from calfskin and the compounds of zinc. The Argus air makes you feel more strategic in your hand and is trustworthy. It has the innate 900mah battery with the charging facility of 5V/2A Type c, which gives you overflowing energy for a perfect vamping. It has the button start mode and pneumatic mode, and through any mode, there creates a lot of fog in no second. The E-cigarette function with the internal fire button breathes system, which crushes away the catch on the front to convey the e-cigarette. It is used the 3.8ml cartridge.

Vopoo Argus GT Kit

The Vapor Argus GT is designed with five unmistakable styles. The Argus GT body is made through matte-finished zinc composite. It is still unclear whether the Argus GT is using the calfskin. It gets the handle on 51.3mm x 26.1mm x 132.1mm. It is run with a battery of 2x18650 batteries. These are prohibited from the unit. The body is made utilizing zinc alloy along with leather. It provides a complete shockproof case.

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The Argus GT consists of a twofold 18650 battery and blazes unit between 5W to 160W. It has an advanced GENE.IT chipset, which is an update of the GENE.AI chip which provides a super swift ending movement. It provides the TC mode and Sharp mode. Excluding that, it provides a colossal clear skin that clearly shows every information you need for the wattage, voltage, battery life, puff clock, deterrent, and puff counter.

voopoo Argus Pro Kit

The Argus Pro is designed with high-quality battery life. It has an 80W strong output GENE.TT Chip. It provides you an unprecedented valuable experience. It comes with a built in battery of 3000mAh. The adjustable power of Argus pro is 5-80w. It supports PnP atomizer. It was crafter with a metal leather design. The best feature is it is compatible with any PNP coils. It provides you with the most comfortable grip. The ergonomic design was made with multi-curve curves. In significantly less time, it gives you smoke. The Argus pro consists of two coils that are Pnp-Vm6 and the PnP-Vm1, for giving you more smoke and flavor. It holds a 4.5 ml capacity. It is designed using material alloy and leather.

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So these are the specification of Vopoo Argus Air, Argus GT, and Argus Pro. The three are an ideal fit for the lightweight and execution. Its lighter features make it more demandable, with fantastic battery features. 3 of them give the fantastic smoke to you.


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