WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


nic salt

  • Why Did Nicotine Salt Become A New Fanatic?

    Nicotine salt is a new product that allows both smokers and e-cigarette players to join in quitting smoking. It is well-known that the higher the nicotine content is, the stronger the strike throat feeling will be, then you have experienced e-juice that can solve addiction without throat strike feeling...
  • Best and Yummiest - Mr Salt E Razzlemelon E-juice

    There is so many e-juice with fruit flavor in the market, sometimes you just can't choose between two phenomenal fruit flavors. Today we will test the Razzlemelon By Mr Salt-E Liquid. Thank goodness Mr. Salt E-Liquid's Razzlemelon E-Juice makes sure you don't have to pick a favorite! Razzlemelon Nic...
  • Something About Salt Nic You Need To Know

    Why nicotine salt is the next revolutionary thing in the e-cigarette industry? Today we will talk about the nicotine salt. First question, what's salt nic? Nicotine salt is the form of nicotine in tobacco leaves. Unlike nicotine, which is commonly used in e-juice, these salts are not...

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