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  • What Effect Does the Material of Atomizers Have On the Taste

    I simply explain the taste. We all know that atomizers are usually chrome-plated copper, stainless steel, and even zinc-plated. Individual atomizers are equipped with ceramic, fiber tubes (insulated tubes), which are basically finished atomizers with ceramics and fiber webs, and almost all of the above materials belong to the middle...
  • How to do the Atomizers' Daily Maintenance

    While enjoying the e-cigarette, do you think that the atomizer needs maintenance? The answer is yes. The atomizer needs to be “maintained” during daily use. For example, how to remove the smell of e-juice in the atomizer? How to clean the atomizer? What issues need attention? 1. How to clean...
  • Comparison of Five MTL Atomizers

    For many players who play with electronic cigarettes years ago, when talking about the mouth suction atomizer, the first time you will think of KF, rose, typhoon and other classic atomizer products. With the continuous innovation of the structure, the ease of use of the current mouth suction atomizer has...
  • How to Prime the Atomizer

    Some advice to tell you about priming the atomizer. 1. Fold your paper towel over a few times and set it on your non porous work surface. 2. Stand your atomizer (threaded size down) on your paper towel. 3. Hold the tank with one hand,and use another...
  • How Long Does an Atomizer Last?

    The wire inside the atomizer has a service life. The service life of the atomizer varies according to different usage and frequency. Under normal circumstances, the atomizer could maintain 50 ml of e-liquid experience a good taste. In order for a better vaping experience and long service life of...
  • What Is The Different Between Rda/Rba/Rdta/Rta

    So many people always asked me that what is the different between RDA/ RBA/ RDTA/ RTA. If you felt confusion about what is RBA / RDA / RDTA / RTA, maybe you can read this page to help you clear the mess.

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