Joyetech Cuboid Box Kit


Joyetech Cuboid Kit, 150W TC mod with firmware V3.0, having Temp-SS316 and customized TCR available now. It is powered by two replaceable 18650 cells with the new slip-open cover.

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Joyetech Cuboid Kit


  • Brand: Joyetech
  • Unit: set
  • Net Weight: 250(g)

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Product introduction

Joyetech Cuboid Box, applies Variable Temperature Control system with firmware V3.0 and 150W output, having Temp-SS316 and customized TCR available now. It is powered by two replaceable 18650 cells with the new slip-open cover.
Multiple colors, 0.96-inch OLED screen and the new dual-battery bar display make it more practical and attractive catering to your preference.
Upgradeable firmware enables it always up-to-date. Now you can upgrade your Cuboid to 200W via VT Software.

colorful joyetech cuboid Mod


Parameters Size: 42mm* 28mm* 91.5mm
Wattage: 1-150W
Modes Available: VW/ VT-Ti/ VT-SS316/ TCR Mode
Resistance:0.05 - 1.5ohm for VT Mode0.1 - 3.5ohm for VW Mode
Color: Black, Silver, Grey

package of joyetech cuboid box mod

Joyetech Cuboid Kit comes with

  • 1× Joyetech Cuboid Mod (no cell)
  • 1× USB Cable
  • 1× Warrantly Card
  • 1×User Manual

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.



1. 150W Output and Dual Battery Bar

Cuboid uses two replaceable batteries with the new dual battery bar.The maximum output can be reached to 150W, making it powerful and convenient.We kindly recommend high-rate 18650 cells with rated discharge current≥25A.
Joyetech Cuboid Mod for sale
2. New Slip-open Cover and Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
The new slip-open cover on the bottom enables you change your battery swiftly by pulling the slider over.
With the Onboard Reverse Polarity Protection, it will protect the device from damage in the event of reverse battery installation.
Notice: Please pay attention to the positive and negative terminal signs when installing new batteries.
3. Firmware Upgradeable
Cuboid comes with the upgradeable firmware.
Having Version 3.00 for Cuboid, Temp-SS316 and TCR are available now.
4. Temp-SS316 Mode
Based on the previous Temp-SS mode, we developed the new Temp-SS316 mode.
We kindly recommend you using Joyetech BF-SS316 atomizer heads (0.5ohm/1.0ohm).
top quality Joyetech BF-SS316 coil
5. Customized TCR Available
Cuboid enables you to adjust TCR values for different materials, thus further improving the accuracy of temperature control and bringing you the great taste.
There are three options (M1, M2, M3) for you to customize the TCR regarding to the material.
In power-off condition, press the fire button and the right regulator simultaneously for around 5 seconds, then you enter into the TCR set menu.
6.Exquisite 510 Stainless Steel Thread
Applied with 510 stainless steel thread and wide border fitting for large capacity atomizers.
Joyetech Cuboid Box with Stainless Steel Thread


Power On/Off: put in two 18650 batteries then press fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn on/off the device.

Switch the Display: press two regulatory buttons simultaneously when device is off to rotate display of the device.ShiftBetween VW/ VT-Ni/ VT-Ti/ VTSS316/ TCR Mode:

1. Press fire button 3 times to enter the menu, first row of 6 in the menu will flash to indicate you entering the menu.
2. Press regulatory button to switch among available modes. Press fire button or leave the display to flash 10 time confirm the mode you choose and exit the menu.
3. Temp-SS316: Joyetech BF-SS316 atomizer head (0.5ohm/1.0ohm) is recommended under this mode.
4. TCR (M1, M2, M3): temperature coefficient of resistance, is a new vaping mode that ever applied with Joyetech Product. When mode indication is still flashing, press the left button to activate sub-menu items, which will flash when activated.Press the right button when flashing to choose modes among M1, M2 and M3. hen press fire button to confirm

How to Set TCRIn power off condition, press the fire button and the right regulator simultaneously for another 5s to enter TCR set menu:

(1) Press right or left regulator to choose between TCR M1, M2, or M3. Then press fire button to confirm what you choose.
(2) Press regulator to increase or decrease the parameter to your preference.
(3) Long press the fire button or leave it about 10s to confirm the setting.TCR Value Range of Cuboid MaterialTCR Value RangeNickel600- 700NiFe300 - 400Titanium300 - 400SS (303, 304, 316, 317)80 - 200
(4) Under VT mode, coil temperature can be adjusted by press right or left regulatory button. A momentary press f the regulatory button will increase/ decrease the temperature by increments of 5℃ or 10℉.

top quality Joyetech Cuboid Box Kit

ordering tips


Simple paper box. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.



Guaeantee period:3 months


VT Software to Upgrade Cuboid

Works like a beauty and it's easy to place away for the small size plus its 200w
Joshua Corado 2/27/2017
Very Good Mod
I use the cuboid on a daily base. In VT mode it sometimes has a gremlin inside, but i always use my mod's in VW mode. Since i am not a big fan of Ni coils, i use the 0.3 ohm coils at a 45-50 Wattage. Good flavour.
I can recommend this mod.
Thanks to the seller for the very fast shipping and 100% genuine items
Rudi 12/27/2016
My everyday Buddy
Hey, ist my first review now =)

I use my Cuboid for a few Months now.
And I love it.
Vape´s great, the Wattage Mode ist pretty good and I love, that you can see both Battery Power Status on the bright and pretty good Display.

Another Pro for me ist the Options to show the Ampere while Vaping, so you can choose exactly the Batteries you need, without fearing and explosion :D
Very nice. I never seen this Option in any other BoxMod till today.

The upgradable Firmware gives u the possibility to do some nice, but, in my opinion, not necessarily stuff.
U can customize&activate a Logo on the Screen, what´s cool.
U got a good working TC-Mode and although a "Smart Mode" where u put in a minimal Wattage Stat and the Cuboid automatically chooses the best Wattage. Works fine.

And you even can play Flappy Birds on the Cuboid - no joke.

The build quality is just phenomenal!
It feels a little heavy in your hands, looks great and there is absoluty no gab.

The Battery Flap opens easy but closes nice, fast and reliable - no probs with that.

I strongly recommend this Mod.
A very powerfull, reliable, nice build, beatiful Mod.
Wendora 9/6/2016
Thanks a lot for the article.Much thanks again. Awesome. Theurer
Thanks a lot for the article.Much thanks again. Awesome.
WilliamCoky 5/6/2016
cuboid Kit
this came very quickly. I am glad that they sent it so fast. It showed up a day earlier than expected. The Temperature Control feature does not work well though. It often reads my coil being at 300+ degrees Fahrenheit even whilst firing for the first time at room temperature. It also misreads the ohms of the coils which makes me have to fire at higher temperatures than 500F just to get a hit when it should produce fat clouds only at 400F. Even when I lock in a coil at room temparature, brand new before using. It will sometimes change the ohms of the coil. i use .15ohm nickel tc coils and it will read them as low as .12ohms or as high as .26ohms. Major problem. It does work great in Power mode though and that is awesome.
acheter cialis 3/5/2016

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