Tobacco Flavors

Tobacco flavored disposable vapes are electronic nicotine delivery devices that mimic the taste and experience of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. These vapes are designed to be convenient and easy to use, with no maintenance or refilling required. They come pre-filled with a flavored nicotine solution and are intended for single use, making them a popular choice for smokers looking to transition to vaping or for those seeking a quick and convenient option for satisfying their nicotine cravings. With a range of tobacco flavor options available, users can choose the taste that best suits their preferences. These vapes offer a discreet and portable way to enjoy nicotine without the ash and odor associated with traditional smoking.

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  2. Elf Bar
  3. Flum
  4. Lost Mary
  5. Others
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  1. 5000-7000puffs
  2. 7000-10000puffs
  3. 10000-15000puffs
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  1. 30-50mg
  1. Rechargeable
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