• California Scientists: Air Quality In Vapers' Homes Is Normal

    California scientists have found that the air in vapers' homes has no more airborne particulate matter than the air in non-vapers' homes. However, the researchers neglected to mention the good news about vaping in the study abstract, or in the accompanying press release - which is all most people will read.

    The research was conducted by scientists from San Diego State University (SDSU). The study was funded by a grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute - one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Continue reading

  • SMOK TFV8 Campare to TFV12

    About Tanks. E-Cig Tanks, often known as clearomizers, tanks are where the e-liquid is stored and are the primary part of vaping. There are many, many tanks on the market, each offering something. There are tanks that specialist in flavor, some that specialist in ease of use and some that specialist in producing plenty of vapor. We have a wide array of the finest and most popular e-cigarette tanks on the market available for sale. For beginner and veterans alike, you will find the right tank for you. So, let's take a look what we have for you.

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  • Some Advantages of E-cig

    E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices shaped like cigarettes that provide a way to get nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive drug (it stimulates and relaxes) that is naturally found in tobacco. The most popular way for people to take in nicotine is to inhale it by smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes also allow nicotine to be inhaled, but they work by heating a liquid cartridge containing nicotine, flavors, and other chemicals into a vapor. Because e-cigarettes heat a liquid instead of tobacco, what is released is considered smokeless.

    E-Cigarettes pons Continue reading
  • Is Second Hand Vapor Harmful?

    Vapor is not blowing smoke

    Vaping detractors are big on promoting doubt about e-cigarettes. While they're unable to point to any definite risks of vaping, they're quick to tell you that "we just can't be sure," or "we don't have long-term studies." And that's true. The problem, of course, is that we do know about smoking's dangers, and we know enough about the potential health risks of vaping to understand that it's highly unlikely that e-cigarettes could be even remotely as dangerous.

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  • Loose or Tighten Around of Heating Wire

    Make a moderate calorie, explosive enough of the coil, for the DIY coil, taste and vape experience is essential. Many friends for the coil loose or stay in the temperature control of a small range, but in fact the coil loose for the voltage regulator mode, there will be a very good effect.

    The fundamental difference between loosening and wrapping is the size of the gap between each coil. The coil usually has to tighten the coil in the process of winding and reheat the coil after winding. Again narrow the coil spacing and uniform heat purposes.

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  • New Uk E-cig Study Shows Vaping Is 99% Less Carcinogenic Than Smoking

    Scientists from the University of St Andrews in the UK have recently published a new e-cig study indicating that vaping can be as much as 99% less carcinogenic than smoking. Led by Dr. William E Stephens, the researchers began by compiling and evaluating the reams of already published research regarding the chemical emissions or various nicotine-enhanced aerosols. They then compared the carcinogenic risks of vaping and smoking to those associated with Heat-not-Burn (HnB) technology, as well.

    The UK e-cig study entitled Comparing the cancer potencies of emissions from vapourised nicotine products including e-cigarettes with those of tobacco smoke is readily available for review on the BMJ Tobacco Control website. The resulting conclusions are based on the regular smoking of 15 cigarettes per day compared to vaping at a level of 30 litres of vapor (not e-liquid) per day.

    UK E-CIG STUDY Continue reading
  • E-cigarette Market estimated at USD 44.56 Billion by 2024

    Market research and consulting organization, Hexa Research has issued a report estimating the growth of the e-cigarette industry. "The global e-cigarette market size was USD 7.1 billion in 2016 and is likely to observe considerable progress on account of rising consumer demand for resource efficient and eco-friendly products." reads the report.

    According to the report, the main three factors contributing to this growth are the generally increasing health awareness, the more eco-friendly nature of the products, and the tax hikes of regular cigarettes. Additionally, various mergers and acquisitions are also expected to contribute to this growth, such as the the acquisition of Reynolds American by British American Tobacco (BAT).

    vape market Continue reading
  • Talk About Joyetech eVic Primo SE with ProCore SE Kit Again

    Joyetech eVic Primo SE kit may be nothing much to talk about, after all everyone knows what to expect of the eVic series. But still, the eVic signature design style continuing in this coming mini kit is worth looking forward to and Joyetech have never let us down. So, Let's take a quick look.

    The coming eVic Primo SE kit is going to cater to the market with it's the same old "business casual" look and there's nothing out of the usual at first sight because we've already tasted the old eVic Primo. Therefore, carrying the name of its forefather while in a smaller body needs to have greater responsibility. The eVic Primo spirit is still there - this SE design is polite and simple, very modern business style. It will come with five colors - Silver, Black, Red, Yellow and Blue. In the hand, the premium look of the leather sticker is going to translate into premium feel.

    procore se kit Continue reading
  • Vaping Has Less Than 1% The Cancer Risk Of Tobacco Smoke

    A new study has found that vaping at normal power levels poses almost none of the cancer risk of inhaling tobacco smoke. It was published last week in the journal Tobacco Control.

    Dr. William Stephens, of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, measured the cancer potencies of various vapor, heat-not-burn, and tobacco products, using published chemical analyses of emissions. He then devised a method to express the measurements of vapor and smoke in common units. This allowed better comparison of risk.

    new study of smoking Continue reading
  • My Experience Of New Bought Eleaf Istick Pico 25

    Eleaf has produced "PICO" on the use of a replaceable battery program, "single battery mod" performance and a "built-in battery mod" as compact size, a lot of electronic cigarette users love it. Recently, Eleaf has launched the PICO series of upgraded version - PICO 25, with the "ELLO" atomizer, the machine not only continued the mini style, in vape and other overall performance has also been improved.

    Today we bringing you - the iStick PICO 25

    PICO has 6 colors totally. Including silver&black, black, red, blue and white. It feels young, fashion. Personally, I love the blue&white color. The size of iStick PICO 25 is biggest advantage, the maximum length of the mod is 71mm, 18650 battery just 6mm higher than the width of 48mm, thickness 25mm. Width data slightly larger, almost reached the level of dual power mod. Atomizer is not 510 connector, the height is 40mm, with the mod as a whole height of 104mm, it is very small.

    colorful Eleaf iStick Pico 25 Continue reading

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