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  • Best Vape Mods 2018

    Box mods are designed to offer the ultimate vaping experience. Box mods can store and deliver much more power than their smaller e-cig counterparts. The "box" shape contains the battery, 510 connection, and firmware to control how it operates. The best box mods and vape mods contain advanced chipsets that can precisely read and monitor the atomizer resistance as well as control power or temperature.

    Vape mods are larger than vape pens as well as most tube mods. They have an array of additional features: variable voltage, wattage, and temperature setting. Vapers who start with e-cigs and vape pens eventually look for something more powerful and customizable. While some vape pens offer a degree of customization, none can produce much power. This leaves vapers a bit starved for something more. For the ultimate power, customization, and vapor production, vape mods are the way to go. With following words, we are reviewing the best available vape mods.

    First one is GeekVape Aegis Legend TC Box MOD 200W, which has exceeded most of the boxes on the market in terms of workmanship, materials, molds, and functions. The size is moderate, and the material is the combination of zinc alloy, leather, and silicone, so the grip feeling is comfortable. Pressing feel is clear, but the key damping effect is general, especially the pressure adjustment of two small buttons, the overall hand feeling is not good. The screen is OLED display, looks more comfortable, brightness adjustable, this design is more humane. About its performance, I think the custom power curve mode is the most surprising feature. It is simple and convenient for users to experience a variety of taste changes. This function has 5 custom setting bits, which can be used to set different power in different stages of ignition to achieve the purpose of changing the taste curve. And the custom setting is very simple and can be operated directly on the box, which is much more convenient than the DNA chip.

    geekvape aegis legend 200w mod

    The second one is VOOPOO DRAG 157W BOX MOD RESIN VERSION, which has a robust body coated in a stunning resin finish, which looks very eye-catching for young people. The device is a little smaller than a cassette tape, twice the thickness with the same proportions. It’s sharp-edged, zinc alloy body is heavy enough to break your foot with batteries in (310g). The 24 ml top base features a nice, firm, spring loaded, gold-plated brass 510 connection with a slanted thumb perch on the opposite side. The fire and control buttons are nice and clicky, with no rattle. About the performance. It’s considerably faster, more accurate, everything happens instantaneously, regulation is outstanding and the curve functions and adjustment options all work like a charm. It fires better, with a faster ramp time and feels like it has just a little more kick and better regulation than most of the vape mods I currently have. The Gene. Fun chip did a great job of monitoring the temp of the coil and never allowed the coil to reach overtime. I watched as the current to the coil fluctuated between 12-16A with a well-saturated wick. As the wick dries out, the current dropped steadily, with a concurrent drop in vapor production. The Drag mod performed perfectly, and I never experienced a single dry hit.

    voopoo drag mod resin edition

    The third one is Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Squonk Box Mod. It adopts many of the same great features found in the original version, such as the food-grade 7ML squonk bottle, the capability of housing a single 18650 battery, and the same compact design that many vapers have come to enjoy. However, this new Pulse BF 80W Mod now boasts a high-performance chipset capable of delivering heavy hitting power consistently, and different color options for the front and back panels (three resin and one carbon fiber).  This regulated Pulse now delivers a whopping 80 watts that’s now controlled via a 3-button control face and an OLED display screen positioned on the side of the device. For power, this mod has the capability of housing a single 20700 battery or a single 18650 battery with the help of a 18650 battery adapter that comes included.

    vandy vape pulse bf 80w regulated squonk mod

    Hope this article will help you choose your right vape device.

  • Such Mini Size in a Dual-battery Mod - Smoant Charon Mini TC Box Mod Review

    Among many e-cigarette devices, dual-battery high-power devices have become the products of choice for most users due to their powerful output capability and endurance. In order to cater to consumers' demand for portability, dual battery devices have been shrinking in size in recent years. For the time being, most of the new dual-battery products have no pressure on one-handed grip, and the portable performance has indeed been significantly improved.

    The CHARON mini box mod launched by SMOANT attracts the attention of many e-cigarette players with its flagship design and large color screen. SMOANT still has not stopped breaking through product design, and recently launched a dual-battery high-powered mod called CHARON MINI.

    MINI characters often used for naming of single-cell devices have been used on dual-battery mods, but for Charon MINI, the overall body size is only 89mm high, 45mm wide, 29mm thick. It is only slightly higher in height than a typical battery storage box. In terms of overall size, the Charon MINI is indeed worthy of the name MINI.

    smoant charon mini mod for sale

    Although named after the Charon MINI, the Charon MINI uses a completely different design language than the Charon mod. The all-black panel and the body are spliced with a red border, which has a strong visual impact. Especially when I saw the display part, it was more spacious on the compact body, and even at first glance, it looked like an MP4 player.

    The ignition key adopts a line conforming to the contour of the body, and the strip-shaped protrusion on the surface can enhance the frictional force when the user presses, and the actual pressing experience is very comfortable. The atomizer platform on the top of the main unit can be seamlessly linked to the common 24mm atomizer, and there is a groove on the atomizer tray with a hot wheel pattern to prevent the atomizer from slipping and locking.

    The Charon MINI, which is only half the width of the palm of the hand, and it feels like a single-cell mod in your hand. The body made of zinc alloy and tempered PMMA is full of texture and the details are very good. The slope treatment at the edge also improves the comfort of the grip.

    smoant charon mini in stock

    The function menu can be accessed by pressing the ignition key three times in succession. The temperature and power modes can be selected in the function menu, and the Charon MINI is also available in three different power output strengths. In terms of output performance, the ANT225 chip used in Charon MINI has a very fast ignition speed, and the output intensity continues the rapid characteristics of the Charon mod.

    With such a small size, the Charon MINI is indeed the size of a dual-powered mainframe that is closer to a single-cell device. Charon MINI is definitely a worthy product for users who need high-power equipment and who are very valued on size.

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    HCigar Wildwolf TC Box Mod Review - Lightweight Enough

  • HCigar Wildwolf TC Box Mod Review - Lightweight Enough

    The dual-battery TC box mod is generally based on high-power full output and endurance, so it is often not dominant in size and weight. If the box mod in the pocket is too heavy, such as the weight of a brick, many players must have encountered. The lightweight dual-battery box mod is also being pursued by many players. The HCigar Wildwolf 235W, which is shared today, is one of the representatives of lightweight.

    The appearance of the mod is a simple and fashionable. The buttons and screen on the front are also the trends of the recent period, and they are also equipped with a selection function key. As a dual-battery product, its size is the only 85*45*30mm, and it has an oval shape, which feels good in the hand.

    It is made of zinc alloy, matte color matching is used for both black and red parts, and the red part also uses a skin-feeling touch paint, which makes it extremely excellent in visual and grip. In addition, the player does not have to worry about its wear resistance. As long as you don't fall to the ground or heavy bumps, it will never fall off.

    vape e-cigs mods

    Although its workmanship and styling are excellent, the most important feature is that it has the conditions that most of the dual-battery zinc alloy mod does not have - lightness. In the case of not installing the battery, its weight is only 100g. If you compare the dual-battery products of the same material, you will find that its advantages are extremely obvious. Even for many single-battery mods, it is still lighter.

    Because the atomizer interface will make its diameter larger than the general box mod due to the styling problem, the original package is equipped with an atomizer ring, so that when it is matched with a 22mm atomizer, it is no longer abrupt and more beautiful.

    On the chip side, HCigar developed the chip called Towis XT235 for this mod separately, so its highest power output is 235W, and the chip matching screen is a 1.3-inch TFT color screen, its display effect, clarity and the brightness is much better than most products on the market, and the UI of the interface is also very scientific.

    HCigar Wildwolf Mod 235W

    The ignition speed of HCigar Wildwolf TC Box Mod is very fast, and the output power is not different from the current setting. The adjustment of the operation also eliminates all kinds of troublesome combination keys by adding the function keys, so I really have no way to give it a pick in daily use, and it's definitely one of the best box mods on the market.

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  • Vapefly Wormhole RDA Review - Inestimable

    Today we are going to evaluate the Wormhole RDA. This funny atomizer was introduced by Vapefly, and its ability to play tricks in the direction and position of the air intake cannot be underestimated.

    The most striking feature is naturally a large number of PEI elements concentrated in the upper part and the multiple sets of vents distributed in the upper and lower double-layer atomization chambers. These two features ensure that the user is not easy to feel the high temperature and the internal and external air intake channels and coil heights are varied and free to resolve. In addition to the externally visible features, there is also a vast e-juice storage space at the bottom to accommodate the drip and BF box mod.

    Vapefly Wormhole BF RDA

    Vapefly Wormhole RDA is very ingenious about the position and flow mechanism of airflow. There is a channel on the side of the deck. When the airflow enters, it will be pulled out from the hole in the center of the pole to form the inlet on the inside of the two-way side. The air inlet can also be replaced with a kit for one-way air intake for erecting a single coil. Although the positioning is still in the direction of the large smoke atomizer, due to the above kit and air intake control, it can still become a rich dual coil or balanced single coil trend, in terms of playability, it is a really excellent atomizer.

    Overall, the Wormhole RDA's apparent changes of drawing resistance allow it to produce large smoke and powerful, with the ability to enhance its performance in single coil and dual coils. And the three-way switch of the soft, pure side air intake, and direct lower air intake, the two-way air intake which has the advantages of both sides, is also its charm.

    Vapefly Wormhole RDA 24mm

    Since Galaxies RDA, Horus RTA, Galaxies RTA, and Wormhole RDA sharing Vapefly's recent four atomizers. It is not difficult to feel that although the homogeneity of atomizers is becoming more and more similar, Vapefly tries to integrate more controllability into its products, allowing players to discover the best settings for them with a single atomizer. And this philosophy is worthy of recognition, perhaps you have not used the brand's atomizer, but they are sure to get you satisfied with the many features of their in-depth exploration.

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  • Comparison of Five MTL Atomizers

    For many players who play with electronic cigarettes years ago, when talking about the mouth suction atomizer, the first time you will think of KF, rose, typhoon and other classic atomizer products. With the continuous innovation of the structure, the ease of use of the current mouth suction atomizer has been greatly improved. With the recent resurgence of mouth suction atomizer products, atomizer products that can be sucked by mouth or by lung slightly are often referred to as the MTL atomizer.

    1. Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

    Its biggest feature is the two little pinions underneath. The way to determine the air intake aperture by dialing the gear is simple and clear. Players who like to further study the air intake can also change the air intake box on the inner side of the wire holder. With four kinds of pore size, pore location or number of holes determine the volume and scope of the role of the gas flow. As for the performance of suction resistance, it can only be said that Galaxies RTA is a pure MTL atomizer, its minimum suction resistance has been slightly smaller than that of regular cigarettes, the biggest resistance is the style of challenging limits.

    buy Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

    Use a 6-turn Ni80 with a resistance of 0.36Ω, and the 2.5mm single-hole square with the coil width. Although using the little chamber and such low-ohm coils are not easy to experience the low-temperature layered feeling in continuous use, they are relatively suitable for some e-juice that taste like my favorite. At the same time, the uniform analytical sensation of a certain fruit e-juice can express a pink sweet candy feeling. If you prefer a direct impact feeling, it is recommended to change to a 1mm double perforated air intake block.


    The ADVKEN MANTA RTA can be said to be a hot-sale product from ADVKEN, and the new MANTA MTL also uses an expansion chamber accessory. MANTA MTL's side direct air intake brings a very good atomization effect, but it feels a little empty when the air intake is used in the mouth suction. In addition to the post structure suitable for fixing the fancy coil, MANTA MTL will be more suitable for users who prefer mild lung suction.

    buy Advken MANTA MTL RTA

    3. ASVAPE ZETA atomizer

    Features: retro shape design, ceramic deck, postless structure. The 22mm diameter ZETA atomizer looks retro in appearance and still has a trend of the ASVAPE brand. The ZETA with ceramic deck makes it easy to think of the classic rose V2S. The ZETA atomizer tastes very good with the texture of the ceramic deck. The visible part of the PEI at the bottom allows the user to clearly observe the amount of e-juice.

    buy Asvape Zeta RTA

    4. VANDYVAPE Berserker Mini MTL RTA

    Since its launch, the Berserker Atomizer has won the praise of the mouth-sucking atomizer enthusiasts. The key point is that its inspiratory resistance is very tight, which can remind many old players of the feeling of the KF atomizer. The MINI version of the Berserker not only shortened the size of the 22mm but also carried out a series of improvements in the position of the apron, which largely solved the problem that the amount of cotton in the Berserker was not easy to control.

    buy Vandy Vape Berserker Mini MTL RTA

    5. GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA

    The spark of three-dimensional air intake and high suction resistance mouth-watering style is very charming. Lateral and bottom-up airflows bring a more uniform, softer mist, while also slowing down the overheating problem from the top cap. What is more special is that it introduces GeekVape's other popular series, Zeus's leak-proof structure. The airflow entering through the upper intake hole will pass through the middle channel between the top cap and the deck, and then it will be pulled out of the three holes on the deck. Under the passage, there is a vast space for e-juice storage. This makes it extremely stable in use. Unless you are struggling to squeeze out the e-juice, the e-juice will be stored in the spacious space at the bottom of the deck as long as it is in the upright position. This reminds me of the best atomizer in the same brand -Medusa, yes, different from regular RDA, Ammit RDA is a bit like RDTA.

    buy Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA

    Compared with the previous KF atomizers, the above five MTL atomizers make the coils easier to manufacture and the refilling operation is also very convenient. The new structure brings more ways to play, and it is easy to avoid e-juice leakage and is very easy to use. For users who like mouth sucking and mild lung suction, the new MTL atomizers are worthy of paying attention.

  • Vandy Vape Capstone BF RDA Review - Downpour Style Squonking Action

    Vandy Vape Capstone BF RDA 24mm is a squonk atomizer designed by Vapehappy, which has a stunning appearance. Constructed by stainless steel, it features ramp airflow system BF(Bottom Feeding) pin to match squonk mod with unique waterfall squonk action. From outside, we see its airflow cap, which is decorated with many tiny quadrangular pyramids, that's the Capstone Deck. The deck consists of three layers with a single screw to connect it from the top, and it's on its slopes that we build the coils, single or dual coils, delivering smooth airflow and produce large vapors. So how it really perform? Let's take a look today.

    order vandy vape capstone bf rda

    This is a design collaboration between Vandy Vape and VapeHappy. The odd looks are not just on the outside of the RDA, this has a crazy build deck too. The deck is a sectional type pyramid design so that when you use a squonk mod and squeeze the liquid through the bottom feed 510 it comes up to the top of the deck and disperses the liquid in a “Waterfall Action”. To install the coils you unscrew the single top clamp screw and the sections of the pyramid open up to install the coil legs. There are two top caps the metal pointy one and a PC material compatible clear colored cap. The airflow is adjustable via ramp slots in the side of the cap which give more or less airflow as required.

    We have seen squonking from the bottom, raised squonk pins, even squonking from the top in RDAs that take vertical builds. But the Capstone offers a new waterfall squonking option by channeling the e-liquid directly on top of the coils, distributing it evenly over the wick. The liquid travels through the build deck and exits through the holes that are placed on an opening midway through it. This design aims at speeding up the process of waiting for the liquid to travel from the bottom of the wick to the coils.

    buy vandy vape capstone bf rdaThe main top cap of the Capstone features an interesting airflow system. The trapezoid-shaped airflow can be closed halfway horizontally, directing the air on the lower part of the coil. Or it can be closed completely on the one side for single-coil builds. On the other hand, the extra frosted PC cap has non-adjustable dual airflow and is designed with cloud chucking and dual coil builds in mind.

    In a word, the Capstone RDA combines many interesting ideas, and the extras that come with it will certainly be appreciated by vapers.

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  • VGOD PRO 200 KIT Review - Idol Type But Also Powerful

    Under the aura of the team's fancy smoke show, the VGOD brand has mostly covered the production line of electronic cigarettes, including e-juice, atomizers, mechanical kits, box mods and even the most popular pod systems equipment. The PRO series is a series of VGOD's high-performance cost products. Today we will show you the PRO 200 kit which is released recently.

    The matching finished atomizer is PRO SUB TANK, which is designed with a diameter of 24 mm and a 3ML e-juice capacity in the tall figure. The atomizer is available on the VGOD website. There are 0.2-ohm (pre-installed)coil, 0.4-ohm coil and RBA kits for players to choose.

    The overall frosted lacquer process makes this atomizer more textured. After disassembling the various components of the atomizer. The most eye-catching one is the giant finished coil. This giant volume of a finished coil is often used for the big smoke style.

    vgod pro kit in stock

    This atomizer has four large oil-guiding holes to meet the high VG content of the e-juice. It is originally equipped with a 0.2-ohm double-wound coil. The official recommendation is to use an optimal output of around 60W with a load range of 30-100W. Through the ultra-thick cotton layer, the coil has a very strong "holding" capability, which explains why the official said it is SHOTGUN COIL.

    The PRO 200W mod adds a checkered silicone anti-slip patch on the surface, which also gives the mod a little grenade element. The overall appearance is low-key but not dull. The VGOD logo and the screen, USB port, and adjustment buttons can also be clearly and distinctly seen on the mod.

    For users who prefer to use the mechanical kits, the PRO 200W also sets the MECH mode. When this mode is ON, the mod will perform analog constant voltage output with the combination of resistors. In fact, it is the same as the mechanical kits we use.

    authentic vgod pro kit

    The PRO 200W still demonstrates reliable quality in terms of subtle performances such as ignition speed and heat accuracy. The air intake of the atomizer is large. When the original coil is used and the air intake is closed in 50-60%, the taste is obviously improved, 65-70W is the best state to experience, and its heat control, taste expression and the amount of smoke are all in moderate level.

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  • SMOK Stick Prince Kit VS SMOK Stick V8 Kit

    Today let me recommend two kinds of Smok Kits, one is named SMOK Stick Prince Kit with TFV12 Prince, and the other is named SMOK Stick V8 Kit. They are all solid kits for a first or back-up direct-to-lung vape. But while all the devices share some great characteristics, there are important differences between the tube-shaped mods. This guide will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these devices and help you decide which SMOK Stick suits your preferences.

    Stick Prince's rod end is a diamond-like ignition button, surrounded by a circle of yellow plastic edging. Under the working state, there will be a breathing light around the button, the button strength is lighter, the hand feels better but it is easy to touch. It is recommended to shut down directly when not in use to avoid accidental touch. The rear of the button is a USB charging interface. The lower side of the interface is a charging indicator. The shape around the bottom of the shaft is shaped like an atomizer, and the lines are chamfered and there will be no hand cuts.

    Stick Prince's atomizer is smok tfv12 prince tank 28mm, which is also a large smoke type atomizer recently launched by SMOK. It comes standard with two single coil 0.17 ohm coil. The smoke and the taste are combined. The e-juice capacity of 8ml is also enough for daily use. The refilling top cap with a lock on the top can also solve the mis-touch situation.

    buy stick prince

    STICK PRINCE is a constant-voltage electronic mod designed with a built-in battery. The official battery is labeled 3000 mAh, which is suitable for general users. The benefits of this kind of "fool stick" are obvious. The user does not need to consider the cumbersome adjustment of the power output. The pole chip will make a natural buck output of 3.4-4.2V battery due to the resistance of the atomizer.

    The Stick V8’s body is made of a full-metal casing, which is full of texture. In addition, the rainbow paint spray received this time is very distinctive, and it is like a piece of art in your hand. Due to the diameter increase, the battery capacity of Stick V8 has increased to 3000mAh, just like the Stick Prince.

    Smok Stick V8 in stock

    There is only one circular ignition button on the front, and there is a circle of red "plastic" on the outer circumference of the button. This is not a decorative material, but an operation indicator. It flashes according to different operations to remind the user, which is very practical. However, compared with the fine materials and exquisite workmanship of the whole pole including the atomizer, the indicator light is a bit cheaper and slightly regrettable.

    I have used it for about half a month. The biggest feature of this Stick V8 3000mAh is that it is convenient, simple, and easy to operate. It uses a large resistance to automatically match the power output, which is very worry-free. Although the taste cannot be done at will, after adapting to its output, this convenience is self-evident, the built-in battery is also very simple to maintain, 3000mAh battery capacity enough for my old smoker to use one day, All aspects of performance are very good.

    So at the end, which one do you like better?

    Click here to get stick prince:

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  • Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA Review - Revolutionary In Airflow Design

    The most widely known atomizer of the FOOTOON brand is the AQUA SE atomizer produced in 2015. At that time when this dual coil RTA was just emerging, its superior performance led it to become the most classic product of the brand. However, the AQUA FX atomizer that was released later was able to see and begin to move toward a "personalized" route. After a short transition, the AQUA PRO was thoroughly implemented. Then in 2017, HELLIXER was launched, and it conveys to the player an alternative gameplay that makes the product even more fun, and this design is not an anti-human fanaticism. Now we are in 2018, and the FOOTOON brand has also launched a new product: Aqua Reboot, which continues to use the Aqua series name, let's see if it has outstanding performance.

    Firstly is about its appearance. I received the silver version for review and there is beautiful lilac contrasting O-rings which bring a lovely bit of color to the tank. If you dislike them there are some black O-rings you can replace them within the kit. This is just a joy to hold and operate. It just looks so neat and well put together, all the threads and airflow adjustment is super smooth. The supplied drip tip also has a slight flange which sits over the top of the tank so with another drip tip you will have a slight ledge. There is an oddity about this tank, which is the crazy airflow system, Basically, it uses a radial disc below the build deck to adjust the airflow. The disc has cutouts and by using the little lever on the side you rotate the disc to open and close the airflow ducts in the deck. The airflow is fully adjustable with the tank assembled. Some tanks which sit really flush with a mod I often find it hard to turn the airflow ring if it snags against the top of the mod. This design means you won’t have that problem.

    footoon aqua reboot rta 24mm

    Secondly is about its performance. Due to the limited airflow of this tank, I found it to be it quite noisy. I also had to use plenty of cotton with this tank to avoid leaks. I tested the Aqua Reboot RTA on my Vaporesso Tarrot Pro 160w mod in Bypass mode with kanthal 24g 3mm coils, and 24g Stainless Steel 3mm coils at 420f. It was filled with Yami Vapor Butter Brew E-liquid. And I found the vapor quality I experienced from the Aqua Reboot RTA to be acceptable but the flavor was very good.

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  • Best Single Coil RDAs in 2018

    2018 is a year of rapid development of electronic cigarettes, and it is also a year when various types of RDAs stood out. So far, the production rhythm of RDA has not slowed down. The trend of the big smoke RDA has gradually shifted from a dual-coil structure to single-coil, followed by the continued listing of some single-shot big smoke RDA products, followed by the continuous listing of some single-coil big smoke RDA products. So in this article, I shared two single-coil RDA that can both have a big smoke and good taste.

    Single Coil RDA

    The first one is Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA. The narrow and wide structure of the tip drip extended from the Galaxies RDA, the curve, and material of the fitting lips make the heat insulation, anti-condensation and anti-frying e-juice have excellent performance; The O-Ring on the top and bottom of the glass chamber is L-shaped, providing a good airtightness in the chamber. When tightening or decomposing, it can also be used for protective glass chamber; refilling or making wires is also very convenient.

    Its biggest feature is the two little pinions underneath. The way to determine the air intake aperture by dialing the gear is simple and clear. Players who like to further study the air intake can also change the air intake box on the inner side of the wire holder. With four kinds of pore size, pore location or number of holes determine the volume and scope of the role of the gas flow. As for the performance of suction resistance, it can only be said that Galaxies RDA is a pure MTL atomizer, its minimum suction resistance has been slightly smaller than that of regular cigarettes, the biggest resistance is the style of challenging limits.

    The second on is Wotofo Recurve RDA. The RDA is equipped with two 810 tip drips, and both of them have very good thermal insulation. The shape of the cover of the drip and the atomizer is very close, not only improving the integrity of the appearance of the atomizer but also allowing the tip drip to have a very good nip experience. Not only that, the atomizer is also equipped with a 510 drip connection to provide users with more choices.

    Wotofo Recurve RDA free shipping

    The Recurve RDA's chamber cover is very thick while maintaining a consistently high level of workmanship. The layered buckle design in the chamber cover can precisely limit the height of the chamber cover and the base, and can also provide a limit when the chamber cover of the atomizer rotates and has a high degree of disassembly when installing the atomizer. The convenience. The closed part of the housing cover is the inlet opening corresponding to the base, which shortens the overall intake distance of the atomizer and provides a more rapid air supply for the coil.

    Using the Recurve RDA's own coil for testing, the atomizer delivers a very rich mouthfeel. Compared to a two-coil atomizer, the Recurve RDA offers a similarly rich mouthfeel, although it does not exhibit a large amount of smoke. When using bottom oiling or direct dripping, pay attention to the squeezing and dropping amount of smoke oil. If too much smoke oil enters the base and the air inlet enters the smoke oil, it may directly suck the smoke oil into the mouth.

    More and more single-coil big smoke RDA have begun to emerge, which it is not limited to this two mentioned in my article. At last, thanks for your reading.

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