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  • New Vape Experience With Mesh Coil

    The application of metal mesh in the field of electronic cigarette atomizers has a long history, but the original metal mesh was used as an oil guide material. Then it was completely replaced by the oil-guided cotton due to the excessively high production difficulty, appeared again until as a heating element by the meshed atomizer.

    The metal mesh coil has a large heating area and extremely exquisite smoke that the coil does not have, which leads to a very different taste performance. The traditional replacement coils evaporate more smoke particles and the total amount is higher, which also brings about strong taste performance. The exquisite particles formed by the heating of the meshes are more inclined to restore the taste and smoke analysis & layering.

    vandy vape mesh wire

    Toady I will use a meshed wire RTA to test the differences between the traditional coil and mesh coil.

    The taste of this atomizer is completely different from that of the traditional finished coil atomizer. The smoke evaporated by the exquisite heating mesh is more delicate, and the performance on the mouth is supple smoke, high e-juice resolution and layering, which can be compared with most mouthfeel RTA atomizers, even beyond. However, the degree of richness is less than satisfactory and can only reach the standard line.

    The most commendable point of this meshed atomizer is the service life. Due to the large heating area, the carbon deposition of e-liquid is evenly distributed over the entire heating mesh. The heating mesh covers almost all of the oil cotton, makes the service life greatly improved.

    TFV12 baby Prince Mesh Coils

    The long life of the meshed atomizer greatly alleviates the problem of excessive follow-up cost of the finished atomizer, which is a very good choice for beginners who want to vape through the finished atomizer.

  • The Review Of Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo RDA

    The Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo is the latest atomizer hitting the market by Joyetech and when something claims to be coil-less and last millions of puffs, it creates quite a buzz in the vaping community! It features RFC heating elements, a sliding top for refills, 25mm diameter, roughly 4ml capacity, and semi-rebuildable design. Now we will talk about the detailed information about it.

    Firstly about the design. Joyetech Riftcore Duo has a nostalgic feel to it while being a new and innovative concept. The overall look isn't really complex or flashy, in fact the design on the metal is probably the loudest design aspect on the tank itself.

    Joyetech RFC

    The tank has 3 bottom airflow holes around the base of the tank, and they are much slimmer than the other Joyetech tanks that have been coming out. This makes the airflow somewhat more restrictive, and was meant to really put a heavy emphasis on the flavor that the RiftCore provides. The wicking holes form two rectangular holes when the tank is assembled, allowing the wicking to fully absorb e-liquid easily and quickly. The deck consists of two flat heating elements with 11 holes in each element. The holes for the airflow sit neatly behind the elements, reducing the risk for any leakage that might occur. The elements are held in place by two small legs that are held down by 4 Hex screws.


    So how about the performance? In the end, I ran this at 60w for a vape that is warm, but very far from hot. All that stuff aside, the flavor produced by the RFC elements is very good, and the air flow is super smooth, and if they last as long as advertised it is a tank that will be cheap to run for years down the road.

    Besides, I will recommend you brain freeze e-juice to use with this RDA, it will give you amazing vaping experience.

  • CoilART MAGE RTA V2 Atomizer Review

    The rapid development of e-cigarettes has led to the rapid development of products. The various requirements of users for RTA products have become more and more demanding. During this period, COILART has also launched many RTA products. The follow-up version of MAGE RTA has finally come. What new setting does V2 have made COILART willing to take so long?


    Even if the appearance is not top-notch, the CoilART MAGE RTA V2's overall design is at least good-looking. Although 90% of the design is similar to the MAGE TANK introduced earlier, the structure of the atomizer makes it clear that this is a version of RTA. The mainstream's 24MM diameter design, regardless of the match with the mod kit and the mechanical kit can have an excellent fit. Top- oil-filing, bottom air intake, also is the conventional representative of "convenience" and "mouthfeel". In addition to the benefits of appearance, non-slip knurling can also increase finger friction, but the appearance of this pre-release version is still slightly stiff, and after a single polish it will make the feel smooth. After the simple structure is disassembled, you can see the 29-hole inlet base. If the bottom inlet is defined as the best taste, then this 29 -hole 1mm bottom inlet should bring different good-quality experience. Hive air intake can create a supple inhalation sense, and RTA's biggest structural advantage is that the oil storage characteristics can be easily taken out, so I would prefer to use a common single-wire A1 coil, of course, is it 22G or 24G or Clapton coil, these are determined by personal preference. The feeling of 24G is more delicate and 22G is more solid smoke, and the caffeine patients choose Clapton. The bottom air intake is divided into three spans with large adjustment holes. If a single 24G wire is used, the air intake needs to be closed to about 30% to get good suction resistance and smoke density, lower resistance wire or Clapton. The coil can increase the intake air volume appropriately. When the intake air is in full opening, the airflow entering the atomization chamber is large, and the phenomenon of dimming the smoke concentration may occur.

    MAGE RTA V2 Deal

    The overall experience of MAGE RTA V2 is different from GTA which has similar appearance, and its entire intake system has obvious over-optimization. If GTA's air intake design is suitable for single-foil mouthfeel, then MAGE RTA V2 is obviously increase smoke compatibility. A large area of air intake through the honeycomb holes brings a wrap-around effect to the coils. Both have their own advantages.

    At the end, I will recommend you some e-juice for this RTA:

    NKD 100 Salt Lava Flow E-juice

    Mr Salt E Cotton Candy E-juice


  • The Review of Eleaf iJust 3 Kit

    Today I bring you a review about the Eleaf iJust 3 Kit. The iJust 3 Kit is Eleaf's latest entry to their iJust series and uses their new Net and Multi hole coil systems. Just how well does this reimaged system perform? Read below for my evaluation.

    First of all, it features an internal 3000mah battery and is listed up to 80 watts output, 4 color LED for battery charge and is available in a 6.5ml capacity or 2ml TPD capacity version and new mesh coils for the ELLO Duro tank.

    eleaf ijust 3 kit in stock

    Secondly, the Ijust 3 mod is a non adjustable simple stick with a fire button and nothing else. There is an LED behind the fire button to tell you the battery charge. It's only active when fired but stays on for about a second afterwards to look at it and fades out. The stick itself is really nice. I love the design and the coloring is beautiful. It can handle a 25mm atomizer without overhang. It feels well built and is all metal, but it's also really light.

    eleaf ijust 3 deal

    Thirdly, the ELLO Duro tank is the latest tank in the ELLO line of tanks from Eleaf. It comes with a 6.5ml bubble glass and a standard glass which looks roughly about 4.5ml capacity. It has a standard 810 tip with o'rings on it and comes with an included matching resin one which is really nice. It has a 25mm diameter at the base but the AFC has knurling and sticks out a little more. Coil Performance wise it comes with 2 coils. The HW-N (N stands for net). 0.2 ohm 40-90 watts rated and the HW-M (M stands for Multi Hole). 0.15 ohm coil rated for 50-100 watts.

    When it comes to performance of the iJust 3, It works well enough with the Duro, but seemed lackluster with my RDA. With all that said, if you're interested in this device, I would strongly recommend getting the kit with the ELLO Duro as this is going to be the best option to use the device. Get the device at

  • Something about E-juice

    I mistakenly regard electronic cigarettes as real cigarettes and think that there are electronic cigarettes like real cigarettes.

    This issue is very common and almost every e-cigarette user will encounter. When I first contact with electronic cigarettes, I also looked forward to these "real smoke" flavored e-juices. Then the result was "try again, and fail again". I bought a brand of real cigarette flavors, and I immediately opened it up, in the hope of familiar taste. The result was very disappointing. I thought that this brand was not reliable and continued to look for the next brand. Finally I tried a lot of brands of real smoke series of e-juice, and finally thoroughly understand that there is still no one can fully achieve 1:1 real tobacco flavor of the oil.

    knowledge about e-juice

    Why? The author began to learn e-cigarette knowledge. First, the smoke from electronic cigarettes is different from the smoke from traditional tobacco. Traditional tobacco releases smoke through combustion, and electronic cigarette is powered by the battery to heat the filament, and the smoke oil adsorbed by the oil guide material in the heating filament is used to generate fog. Because there is no flame, no tar and other substances, it is difficult to achieve the same feeling as real smoke on the taste.

    With the development of e-cigarette technology, there are many brands of e-juice have increased the development of tobacco, although the taste is not bad, but because of the essential difference in smoke generation, it is still not 100% exactly the same. Although there are many tobacco-flavored oils on the market, even a wooden cigarette holder has been designed to simulate the burning of plants. It is only a little closer to the taste of "foreign smoke", and it is quite different from "domestic tobacco" that people are familiar with. Therefore, it is recommended that new friends begin to try smoked oils such as fruits and desserts. After you adapted, the taste of electronic cigarette smoke oil is also unmatched by real cigarettes.

  • How to Choose RTA?

    Different people have different views about the mouthfeel of RTA. I think it is a relatively good, the so-called taste is actually the feeling of smoke in the mouth, mainly the taste, smoke and temperature, throat sensation, sucking feeling etc, which depends on the individual experience, in general, RTA atomizer taste is good enough.

    RTA atomizer supports single/double heating wire. For beginners, choosing a single heating wire is a good start. The construction of single heating wire is relatively simple and the amount of smoke is not small. After the second half of 2016, more and more single coil RTA atomizers began to support fancy filament coils. This design allows single coil atomizers to operate more convenient while increasing the amount of smoke, and very friendly to newcomers.

    In addition to the convenience of operation, the "oil leakage" situation cannot be ignored. With the evolution of the structure of the RTA atomizer, the rebuilding operation of the cotton has become more and more simple and reliable, and has better support for novice operations, and it is not easy to leak oil. Therefore, before purchasing the RTA oil atomizer, you can first look at its electrode structure, first predict whether the difficulty of reconstruction can be controlled and whether the cotton operation is simple and reliable. Then decide if you want to buy it.

    RTA tank capacity has always been a matter of concern to everyone, a 3~5ML tank, with 30~60W output power, a half hours of smoking if you vape slowly is no problem.

    In the big smoke RTA purchase, do not need to mind how much oil storage space, but in the purchase process can pay attention to RTA's oil injection design. The top injection has become the standard of the current RTA design, and a reliable design of RTA for oil filling can guarantee the RTA's life and give you a petite and compact RTA appearance.

    In terms of air intake design, the RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer), which is extremely convenient, also keeps pace with the times. Commonly RTA is the bottom air intake design and is also more widely used in most RTA products. The RTA suction resistance at the bottom of the intake is relatively smooth, and the intake stroke segment can be the first reference to choose whether or not to purchase.

  • 5 Statement About Bottom-Feeding RDA

    Since the rise of the bottom-feeding, a variety of bottom-oil-filling mods have appeared in the market. Many RDA have also begun to donate a bottom-filing screw in the original equipment, making the top-filing RDA products compatible with the bottom-feeding. What we are sharing with you today is something about the bottom-feeding RDA.

    1. The so-called "oil road" length

    The length of this oil route depends on the length of the cotton leg caused by the reasonable height of the RDA coil. The length of the cotton leg is also due to the original structural design of the RDA. This is a constraint on each other. For example, CoilART DPRO RDA, which has a short oil route at the bottom, requires attention not to overfill, because its bottom platform also becomes shallow due to its structure.

    Bottom-Feeding RDA

    2. Should the cotton foot cover the bottom platform?

    This problem is similar to the traditional top-loading nozzle drip method. Although the bottom is covered with cotton, it can store more smoke oil in a single time to reduce the number of oil injections, but when the bottom is covered with cotton, if the cotton is not loose. Instead, it may cause the smoke oil to reflux at the bottom. In the general use of the bottom-feeding, as long as the cotton has a suitable length, non-smooth contact with the smoke from the bottom platform can be successfully guided to the vicinity of the coil.

    3. Can an ordinary RDA be changed to bottom-feeding?

    In fact, many RDA products will be provided with the bottom-feeding screw for users to modify their own, in fact, even if there is no original bottom screw, can also be purchased from the accessories shop to achieve DIY. The most common type of modification is the double-column iso-side inlet RDA. This type of structure has been chosen by many primary bottom-feeding RDA.

    pulse bf 80w

    4. What are the differences in taste between bottom-feeding RDA and RTA?

    We often say that the RTA is mostly a sealed atomizer, and the smoke oil is stored outside the atomizer and clings to it. In use, it will inevitably be affected by the heat of the tank, which will lead to bad experience of the smoke oil. That is, it is often said why the smoke tastes lighter after one half of the smoke oil has been consumed. The bottom-feeding RDA is a single extrusion. The smoke oil is stored in a separate oil bottle from the atomizer. It has less impact on the smoke oil.

    5. What is the difference between bottom-feeding RDA and top filling RDA?

    In terms of non-rigidity, the effect between the two is the same. However, the speed of directly infusing the oil into cotton is bound to be faster than the absorption process from the bottom of the cotton. The traditional RDA will be simpler and cruder. The advantage of bottom-feeding is that it integrates smoke oil bottles and equipment, and the portable carrying style is the highlight of this toy. If a user can only love the full taste of RDA, the bottom-feeding RDA device must be the first choice.

  • Something About Salt Nic You Need To Know

    Why nicotine salt is the next revolutionary thing in the e-cigarette industry? Today we will talk about the nicotine salt.

    what is Nicotine salt

    First question, what's salt nic? Nicotine salt is the form of nicotine in tobacco leaves. Unlike nicotine, which is commonly used in e-juice, these salts are not just nicotine, they are compounds containing nicotine and other organic ingredients. It may be combined with one or more chemicals in tobacco, but the result is the same - formed a more stable molecule. The nicotine form commonly used in e-juice is called "free base" nicotine. This form of nicotine is not attached to any other substance and is generally considered to be preferable to steam and other uses, because it is a "volatile" (easily evaporated) form of nicotine. In fact, the tobacco industry is working hard to increase the amount of "free base" nicotine in cigarettes. This is a major factor contributing to the success of Marlboro cigarettes, because Philip Morris is a pioneer in this successful method.

    Through many different formulations of the experiment, the researchers found that the specific nicotine salt was actually more effective than the free base nicotine e-juice. They called this finding "out of the blue" and the test of blood nicotine levels obtained by users confirmed this result. One of the key ingredients is benzoic acid, which is added to control the formation of specific nicotine salts in e-cigarette oil. By considering the reactions that take place at the evaporation temperature, they can make a smoked oil containing nicotine salts. When inhaled, it still gives you plenty of nicotine available. The additional benefit is the effect of the acid on the pH of the e-juice (whether it is acidic or alkaline). In general, higher pH results in more free base nicotine in smoke or steam, but it also makes the final mixture more difficult to breathe.

    how to use Nicotine salt

    Streamed-nicotine salt smoke oil is not like ordinary electronic cigarette oil. If you pick up a bottle of high nicotine salt e-juice and evaporate from an adjustable-pressure box and a low-resistance atomizer device, you may get a rather unpleasant nicotine shock. However, the nicotine salt smoke oil can also have a very low dose. Whether it is more effective than normal nicotine at a lower dose, there is no definitive conclusion.

    Nicotine salt e-juice is mainly used for low power equipment. JUUL is a good example of an ideal device for nicotine salt. It is compact, low-power output, basically resembles an elaborately made simulated cigarette. Pod kits are ideal for nicotine salt, but you can also use more traditional, easy-to-refill equipment. A basic pen-type electronic cigarette can provide enough power to obtain a satisfactory vape experience from high nicotine salt blended cigarette oil.

    who use Nicotine salt

    The biggest advantage here is that for e-cigarette beginners, they will get the most benefit from more efficient nicotine absorption and devices that do not require overly complex. If you have a high-powered device, you can also get nicotine in low-level nicotine salt. It is not clear whether this is significantly better than regular nicotine smoke at the same nicotine level, because one of the biggest benefits of using nic salt is that it can comfortably inhale higher levels of nicotine.

  • The Culprit of Frying Oil from Atomizer is Here!

    No matter whether it is manually rebuildable RTA or common finished atomizer, in fact, the phenomenon of frying oil is common in our daily use. Especially for newcomers who have just contacted electronic cigarettes, they feel even more annoyed. With regard to the problem of frying oil and how to deal with it, I hope to provide you with some references and help.

    atomizer search

    First of all, confirm what is the phenomenon of "fried oil". We all know that more than 90% of the coil in the electronic cigarette atomizer use the structure that the cotton carries the smoke oil, and the physics reaction that the smoke oil turns into water mist is realized by the coil heating. In the rapid temperature rise of coils, smoke oil is not directly produce water mist but inject the frying oil into coils even our mouths due to various reasons oftentimes, this is what we often call the phenomenon of fried oil.

    What is the biggest factor that causes frying oil? It's cotton. The cotton, in the center of the coil, shows the "full" state is the most perfect, then the most visual inspection of this "full" is fried oil. If the amount of cotton is too large, the tight cotton in the center of the coil will cause the taste of the smoke to be reduced, that is to say, the smoke oil that can be used in a single atomization will be reduced. If the amount of cotton is too small, the amount of smoke oil reserves in the cotton will be excessive. When the coil is rapidly heated up, the smoke oil will often blow directly in the form of e-liquid!

    frying oil

    Why frying oil also happen in finished coil? The first thing to confirm is that the output power when using the finished coil is within a reasonable range. This phenomenon of "finished atomizer frying oil" occurs mostly when the atomizer's static time is too long. In other words, there is no problem in daily use. When the atomizer is stationary for a long time or more, it will appear as frying oil. This is a phenomenon influenced by the physical characteristics of cotton and oil storage. The most effective way to solve this problem, when the atomizer is static for a long time, the first and second ports are not to be used directly, first "normally ignite" twice to allow excess smoke to atomizer.

    Summarizing the problem of frying oil, in the case of finished cores, the excess smoke oil storage phenomenon caused by the static time is usually too long. When using it again, it is only necessary to simulate the ignition twice and the excess smoke oil can be atomized. For the RTA, the frying oil phenomenon is relatively complex. It is related to the amount of cotton, coil category, power output, etc. These important factors also affect the probability of frying oil on most of the premise.

  • The Review of WOTOFO RECURVE RDA

    Any e-cigarette product is the same. If you want to be highly regarded, widely admired, and long-lasting, you must have high value and excellent taste, and the taste often depends on the design of the brain storm. The RECURVE RDA atomizer, which is shared for everyone today, is a bright new eye-catching device from WOTOFO.

    Wotofo Recurve RDA DEAL

    First of all, I like RECURVE RDA's appearance very much, the red sucker and the black cover, the mix of color is very classic, the eye-catching index is relatively high, easy to remember. In particular, the waisted shape on the suction nozzle and cover makes the RECURVE RDA very delicate and charming. It is not the most beautiful RDA, but it is also very popular. Secondly, the design of the RECURVE RDA electrode base is almost unbelievable. It completely breaking the conventional pattern, using two trapezoidal electrode columns that have been cut off, is truly impressive.

    In fact, what I really admired was the RECURVE RDA's air intake design, which changed the common coarse intake mode to the honeycomb inclined down small hole inlet. When it comes to air intake, it is generally accepted that the bottom air intake will be better, and here I would like to say is that the WOTOFO RECURVE RDA's precision air intake brings great taste.

    Recurve RDA review

    Thank you for reading the review, I hope you will enjoy the experience of WOTOFO RECURVE RDA.

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