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  • 2018 Best Hot Sale Mechanical Mods Recommendation

    A mechanical mod is a simple yet advanced vaping device that delivers raw battery power to an atomizer without electronic regulations, safeguards or protections for the user. And it consists of a wire with an atomizer interface, a battery compartment, and a mechanical switch. The overall power supply capability is based on the current voltage output of the battery. Today I will introduce you guys some hot-sale mech mods.

    The first one is VGOD Pro Mech 2 mod. The top of mech mod inherits the previous through-type post, follows the classic matte painting process, the black matte paint continues the entire pole. The PRO MECH 2 KIT is surrounded by two detachable sleeves with a square surface like the previously mentioned “fragmented grenade”.The bottom ignition is still made of high-quality surface carbon fiber. The inner tube is also surrounded by an insulator to prevent the risk of short-circuiting of the broken battery, and the safety is self-evident. Overall, it has a nice looking and comfortable hand feeling.

    vgod pro mesh 2 mechanical mod

    The second one is the THC Tauren Mech Mod. It is a high-end designed mechanical mod which is easy to carry and ergonomic. Constructed from pure brass with copper, it is very durable. What's more, it adopts a 21700 battery for long vaping times and is also compatible with 20700 and 18650 batteries (use adapter), The THC Tauren mod is said to be very easy to use and incorporates a 360-degree full contact button that allows for almost instantaneous firing.

    THC Tauren mechanical mod

    The third one is the DEJAVU DJV Mech Mod. It is a high-end and powerful mech mod which is designed in Malaysia by the Youtube reviewer Adrian Lo Dejavu. Made of pure brass and copper material, this mech MOD feels really comfortable to grip. Powered by single 18650 battery, the DJV Mech MOD can work efficiently with the available two types of button, the stainless steel or acrylics. The innovative hybrid system, allows most atomizer's 510 pins to contact the battery directly for better power transfer and a harder, faster hit. With the advanced canted coil inside the gold plated contact pin, the DEJAVU DJV Mech MOD can supply maximum firing and reduce heat effectively.

    Dejavu DJV mechanical mod

    The last one is the Lost Vape Furyan Mechanical Mod, which is specially chosen for squonk lovers. It is designed with the transparent PEI appearance, you can easy to see the structure clearly and the remaining e-liquid. It features a 9ml e-juice bottle. Made of the high-quality leather material, it delivers the best touch feeling. The Lost Vape Furyan Squonk mod can compatible with the single 18650, 20700 and 21700 battery that provides enough power.

    Lost Vape Furyan mechanical mod

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    2018 Best Hot Sale Vape Starter Kits Recommendation

  • 2018 Best Hot Sale Vape Starter Kits Recommendation

    Because of its higher power, faster fire, and shorter pre-heat time, vape starter kits have always been very popular among vapors. Besides, as an electronic cigarette device that vapors must hold and carry every day, lightweight is also a product trait that vapors value very much. So today I will introduce you guys some hot-sale vape starter kits.

    The first one is the Wismec Active Kit. It has a silicone-covered TC box mod, which is dustproof, shockproof and waterproof. It is powered by a 2100mAh internal battery with a maximum output power of 80W and supports VW / Bypass / TC-Ni / TC-Ti / TC-SS / TCR mode. On the front of the mod, there is a 0.91 inch OLED screen that shows the basic information of the mod. The Wismec Active Kit is paired with the Amor NS Plus tank, which has an e-juice capacity of 4.5ml. What's interesting is that there is a Bluetooth speaker in the mod, so you can pair it with your phone, MP3 player, etc to act as an external speaker. In my opinion, I think this kind of integrated product is very necessary at present, and it is in line with market demand.

    wismec vape start kit

    The second is Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit. It just like a pod system kit with coil system or a vape pen kit. The included GS tank features the all-new GS Air Mesh 0.35ohm coil, GS Air 0.75ohm head for added flavor, a locking, slide to fill cap, and a solid 2ml of liquid capacity. The Amnis battery is 900mah and features a rubber paint finish giving you a softer and smoother feel. Just like many devices like this on the market, this one is operated via a fire button. 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off, press the fire and inhale. It is very simple.

    Eleaf vape start kit

    The third one is Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit. It's easily the smallest single 2x700 mod I've come across so far and smaller than or equal in size to many single 18650 mods. It's very compact. The fire bar is nice and clicky and quite large allowing you to just squeeze the mod to fire. The screen is a nice size 0.96-inch color screen that is nice and bright and easy to see. The included tank is a cascade baby tank, which features GT coils and top-filling.In a conclusion, it's small size and great performance in both power and temp mode make it just a great option for anyone looking for a single battery kit.

    Vaporesso vape start kit

    The fourth one is Vaporesso Luxe Kit. The Luxe mod looks like a combination between the Polar and the Revenger and is one hell of a fingerprint magnet. The device has the usual main center section with mirrored finish panels front and back. The front of the device has a 2.0" Colour screen and underneath we have virtual touch keys. About the included Vaporesso Skrr Tank, here is the highlight: the QF air distribution system. The QF strip coil is pre-installed, it's 0.18ohm and has a rating between 60w and 90w, I switched the strip coil for the other supplied coil which is the QF mesh coil, also 0.18ohm with a rating of between 55w and 85w.

    To sum up, the above vape kits are really powerful but not too heavy. I do hope you guys will enjoy the vape with them.

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    2018 Best Hot Sale Pod Vape kits Recommendation

  • 2018 Best Hot Sale Pod Vape kits Recommendation

    The pod vape kits are small and easy to carry and do not give extra burden when taken outside, so they are loved vapors who want to replace cigarettes. However, another meaning of pod system means that the amount of smoke is relatively small. Therefore, in general, the taste of the pod vape is inferior to the conventional structure of the TC box mod kits. Fortunately, intelligent engineers are always breaking through the technical bottleneck. As the pod vape kit continues to evolve, this gap is also shrinking. So today we will introduce you some hot-sale pod vape kits with great flavor.

    The first is the Joyetech eGo AIO Mansion Pod System Kit. This device is very compact, you can use AIO mansion on two different ways, you can use it with fire button or you can just direct inhale which will activate the sensor, so without fire button. Max output power here is 30w when the battery is fully charged. This device uses the same coils as very popular cubes. On previous versions of ego aio that use cubes coils you can vape direct to lung or mouth to the lung, same is here, you can use this device for direct to lung or mouth to lung vaping, depending which coil you use, but this is really good.

    Joyetech pod vape kit

    The second one is Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Pod Kit. Breeze 2 uses a rounded rectangular body design, the size of the body is very comfortable, the body processing technology is excellent, and the new atomizing structure makes the Breeze 2 both improved in appearance and performance. Breeze 2's cartridges are solid and durable and are clearly distinguishable from common disposable cartridges. Breeze 2's cartridges are easy to clean, and vapors can easily observe the amount of e-juice remaining in the cartridge. When you vape the Breeze 2, you will get a warm, delicious MTL experience and a comfortable throat-hitting feeling.

    Aspire pod vape kit

    The third one is Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System Kit. Its 600 mAh or more capacity should meet the needs of going out. Besides, the Renova Zero has two innovation. Quick refilling design, the official word is PTF SYSTEM, presumably is the abbreviation of pressure to fill, its actual use is indeed more convenient than rubber plug. The other innovation is the OMNI Board mini, so the pod system supports the temperature control. The power of the three modes is 12.5/10.5/9 watts respectively, corresponding to green/blue/red, and after selection, it is 3 times to indicate success. In the actual experience, the feelings of these three modes are not much different, that is, the difference in smoke size.

    Vaporesso pod vape kit

    The fourth one is the SMOK X-Force Kit. In the vast sea of SMOK vape's kits in the past, it seems that there has not been such a special kit. It has the volume and weight of a pod system kit, but it also has a 7ml exaggerated e-juice volume and its amount of smoke and mouth-feeling can compare favorably with TC box mods'. In addition to careful selection of the design of the exquisitely stylish and portable machine, the tailor-made ceramic coil and unique internal structure are also indispensable.

    SMOK pod vape kit

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    2018 Best Hot Sale Vape Pen Kits Recommendation

  • 2018 Best Hot Sale Vape Pen Kits Recommendation

    Vape pen kits have always been popular with many vapors, but a lot of vapors keep respectfully aloof from the mechanical sticks because of the lack of security, so the vape pen kits with circuit protection can be suitable for most vapors. So today we will share four hot-sale vape pen kits with circuit protection to you.

    The first one is Uwell Nunchaku kit. Uwell has produced an ergonomic design that fits into your hand perfectly and kind of resembles a nunchuck if you squint and imagine a little. It's made from solid stainless steel so feels quite sturdy and the anodized finish seems durable. With the simple enlarged fire button placed at the top of the pen with 2 small adjustable buttons towards the bottom, just above the tiny screen. It small OLED Display is well placed and surprisingly easy to read, giving you all the information you need like battery life, wattage or temperature (pending on the mode you’re in), the resistance of the coil in the tank, and the voltage. Powered by a single high drain 18650 battery, the Uwell Nunchaku can fire up from 5W to 80W, and this vape pen has multiple modes.

    best Uwell Nunchaku vape kit

    The second one is Eleaf iJust 3 Kit. Ijust 3 is a 24mm diameter kit with protection, the upper part is stainless steel color, all stainless steel body, workmanship details are in a very good control. The ignition of this vape kit is made of hexagonal stainless steel with a partial groove, and the ignition feedback is crisp, but it is not enough to be tight enough! The built-in LED light shows status. There are a USB charging port and a charging display on the back, and a built-in 3000 mAh battery capacity. The top pin uses a 510 standard pin and is gold-plated for conduction! Grooved anti-lock on all sides, with colored gear strokes around.

    buy Eleaf iJust 3

    The third one is the SMOK Stick Prince Kit. It has the shape of the mechanical kit, but larger than the mechanical kit, with a diameter of 24.5mm, which can equip with a variety of different sizes of atomizers, length is 85mm. The built-in battery looks like a polymer battery, which is lighter than the 18650 battery. It is not very heavy in the hand. As for the included TFV12 prince tank, we have reviewed many times. Big 28mm diameter, 8ml e-juice capacity.Excellent workmanship without roughness, satisfied with SMOK ’s quality control.

    buy SMOK Stick Prince vape kit

    The fourth one is the Wismec's latest vape pen kit- SINUOUS Solo Kit, which is a compact and sleek vape pen kit with a fascinating appearance. Powered by an internal 2300mAh battery, the SINUOUS SOLO can fire up to 40 watts and supports direct output and constant power output with multiple circuit protections. Besides, the indicator light will stay lit or flash slowly when the battery quantity is high. On the contrary, the indicator light will flash in frequency. As for the included Amor NS Pro tank, which features new WS-M (Mesh) coil, with the retractable top filling solution and refined airflow control system, it will provide you a convenient vape experience with big cloud and great flavor.

    cheap Wismec SINUOUS Solo Kit

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    2018 Best Hot Sale Squonk Kits Recommendation

  • The Truth About Vaping


    Many people are still confused as to how e-cigarettes, or commonly known as "vape", are different from real cigarettes that use tobacco. In this article, we debunk some of the most common myths that people get wrong with vaping:

    Myth: Vape juice is just water.

    Fact: Vape is part aerosol and water.

    Vape is more than just water on its vape juice – it is actually propylene glycol, a kind of aerosol that's used in making the vape juice. You, of course, won't see advertisements like that, as they will always tell you that vape is just "water", but actually, there is less amount of water involved than you think.

    Myth: Vapes can lead to popcorn lungs.

    Fact: The chemical that leads to popcorn lungs is not in vape juice.

    Diacetyl, a chemical that is known to cause popcorn lungs or bronchiolitis obliterans, is not present in vape juice and is actually banned in the UK and in most countries. There are, however, some vape juices that did contain diacetyl, but only in very small amounts. Many of the newer vape juices you will encounter nowadays won't have it.

    Myth: Vaping is safe while tobacco is not.

    Fact: Vaping is only LESS harmful than tobacco.

    Time and time again, many people seem to get this wrong. Tobacco is full of nicotine and other harmful stuff for sure, but e-cigarette juice also has a couple of small little chemicals that, when inhaled too much, can still be harmful. However, the concentrations of these chemicals are so low that many people believe that vaping is completely safe – but only when inhaled moderately and responsibly!

    Myth: Vape juice contains formaldehyde.

    Fact: This claim was debunked and nullified by a study.

    There was a study that debunked and nullified the claim of the New England Journal of Medicine in 2015, claiming that there's formaldehyde (same stuff used to preserve dead bodies) in vape juice. According to the study that debunked the former, NEJM used excessively high temperatures (800 degrees to be exact), which can naturally produce formaldehyde, and was likely a form of sabotage to get such results.

    Myth: Vaping is the best way to quit smoking.

    Fact: It depends on the person.

    It's "different strokes for different folks", as an old saying goes. This technically means that different people may have their own best ways of quitting. While it can help you to transition away from tobacco, some are still addicted to tobacco from time to time and don't deliberately quit, so it's not always the best option. Always talk to your doctor to see more options for quitting smoking, although that doesn't mean e-cigarettes can't help you, either!

    Myth: Vape has no nicotine.

    Fact: Vape has some amount of nicotine, but not all of them.

    Generally speaking, most vape products have nicotine, basically, just like with tobacco products. However, depending on the vape juice that you use, some actually have less nicotine than others, which can be your safer option. But it's basically wrong to assume that all e-cigarettes have no nicotine.

    Myth: Vape can be a harmful secondhand smoke source.

    Fact: There is no vapor that causes harmful secondhand smoke in vape juice.

    The aerosol mechanism used by vape and vape juice does not cause the same secondhand smoke effect that tobacco users give to bystanders. This is why many public places allow the use of vape but don't allow the use of tobacco. The only thing you'll need to worry about would be people with asthma, who could potentially be allergic to vapor from the vape.


    Many of these myths were positive while some are negative. What matters is that you get informed. There are many pros and cons about vaping, but it still depends upon the user, the type of vape juice and vape mod they use. Let's spread these truths about vaping to everyone – especially to those who don't know much about e-cigarettes or the best vape mod! For more information on the best vape mod and best sub ohm tank available on the market, check as well as

  • 2018 Best Hot Sale Squonk Kits Recommendation

    The squonk kit works on the bottom-feeder principle and usually are powered by an external battery. With all the benefits of dripping an RDA, without the downside of having to keep dripping your juice onto the coils continually. So today we will share four hot-sale squonk kits to you guys.

    The first is Vandy Vape Pulse X Squonk Kit. It is very very similar to the BF 80w. The only real difference, you have a clear thing here where you can see your battery wrap. Over here, you have a little bit of texture but the panel’s fit on the BF 80w, as well. You also have some Pulse X branding, over here. This one does take 21700s and goes up to 90W instead of 80W, like the old one that only takes 20700s. As for the included Pulse X RDA, in the fact that the liquid comes up the center post when squonk and flows right over the coils. This is a huge improvement over that RDA, because the post doesn’t take up a ton of space and uses more traditional screws for coil installation. It has adequate space for fused Claptons, or other large coils with ease.

    The second is Vandy Vape Simple EX BF Squonk Kit. It is really very mini. When the kit is held in the hand, it will give the vapor a very comfortable and strong grip. The suit is sturdy but not heavy, without sharp edge chamfers, the index finger or thumb is very natural when you press the ignition button, no discomfort. The RDA included with the Kit features a dual-post design for easy installation and use of single coils. The inlet aperture of the atomizer’s deck is: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm, which means vapors can experience a limited DL experience on this atomizer, as well as a tightly damped MTL experience.

    Vandy Vape brand squonk kit

    The third one is the Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Kit. In sense, the LUXOTIC MF is not a real squonk kit. The Luxotic MF box has two usage modes, you can choose squonk mode and TC box mode. In squonk mode, a 7ml BF plastic bottle and a single 21700 battery are available; In TC box mod, it supports two 18650 batteries, and the maximum output power can reach to 100W. The box also offers optional boards such as a semi-mechanical output board with indicator lights or a voltage regulator board with a 0.91" OLED screen. Whether you prefer Squonking or standard dripping the performance is much the same, its airflow is good and adjustable, the flavor is spot on and nothing to complain about. Nice deep flavorful clouds.

    wismec brand squonk kit

    The fourth one is the Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Kit, which obviously shares some design similarities with the Pico Squeeze. The mod can output up to 100W using a single 21700 battery, you can also use a 18650 battery with the supplied adaptor, however, the maximum output will be lower. Behind the 8ml squonk bottle is a customizable LED light too just to bring things up a bit. Unlike some of the Early Pico models, the Squeeze 2 can accommodate tanks up to 26mm diameter without overhang. About the Eleaf Coral 2 RDA, this is a single coil RDA which comes with a squonk 510 pin already installed. You also get a solid 510 pin so you can use this as a dripper on a different mod. The Coral 2 has a side airflow inlet which is adjustable. You get 2x Clapton coils in the kit and even some cotton, so all you need apart from e-liquid to get you started.

    eleaf brand squonk kit
  • Experienced Vapors Teach You How to Choose E-juice

    E-juice is the most important factor affecting the experience of electronic cigarettes. A good device with an e-juice that suits the vapor's taste will give you a perfect steam smoke experience. In the vast sea of e-juice, how many products are there? Choosing the right kind of e-juice has become the biggest problem for every vapor. This article will solve the e-juice selection problem for vapors through different aspects of analysis.

    1. Big cloud demand

    The higher the VG, the larger the amount of smoke, the thicker the smoke, and the pure VG is usually used for heavy smoke or fancy smoke rings. For the choice of e-juice, vapors can choose MAX VG e-juice or VG: PG with a value higher than 7:3.

    best nicotine salt e liquid

    In addition to being able to produce larger and thicker smoke, low PG and high VG smoke will make the e-juice more smooth, so that vapors who like DL will reduce the irritation to the throat. At the same time, when playing with heavy smoke, it is recommended to choose an e-juice of less than 3mg/ml to reduce the impact of nicotine.

    2. The demand for replacing the cigarette

    If you are simply replacing cigarettes, choose a healthy smoking method. In the choice of e-juice, we must judge the demand for nicotine according to the size of our own addiction. According to the smoking habit of about one pack of cigarettes per day, it is recommended to use the 6mg/ml nicotine content of e-juice for MTL use and 3mg/ml of e-juice for DL use. At the same time, vapors of DL type recommend selecting a high-VG e-juice to reduce the irritation of the throat.

    3. Smoking cessation demand

    E-Juice for sale

    It is recommended that vapors with little addiction choose to use 6mg/ml nicotine content of e-juice, and slowly reduce the nicotine content to achieve the purpose of smoking cessation. For the choice of e-juice, it is recommended to choose the tobacco flavor as the main taste of e-juice. The inhalation method is recommended to choose MTL. Atomizers generally suitable for MTL do not have an advantage in terms of e-juice guiding speed and smoke absorption capacity, therefore, it is recommended that vapors who need to quit smoking should not to choose e-juice with higher VG content to prevent the atomizer from causing the problem of the burnt coil because the oil e-juice not smooth.

    The main flavors of common e-juice are fruits, tobacco, desserts, beverages, milk, sweets, cold, coffee, butter, spices, etc. The combination of flavors of each type of e-juice is ever-changing.

    Here I highly recommend you vapors two good-taste e-juice: Make Show Salt Strawberry Kiwifruit Yogurt e-juice and Make Show Salt Honey Pomelo e-juice, hope you will enjoy it.

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  • Vaporesso Luxe Kit Review - The Innovative QF Air Distribution System

    Firstly thanks vapesourcing: The best online vape shop for sending me this device for review. OK let’s check out the detailed information about Vaporesso Luxe Kit.

    The Vaporesso Luxe mod looks like a combination between the Polar and the Revenger and is one hell of a fingerprint magnet. The device has the usual main center section with mirrored finish panels front and back. The front of the device has a 2.0"color screen and underneath we have virtual touch keys, the center one being the select key and also the Vaporesso logo, we also have the micro USB port on the front center bottom. One side of the device is featureless, the other has a very large pill shaped fire button towards the top, the back of the device has a fixed mirrored finish panel. The base has generous venting, safety stamps, and branding, moving to the top we have a center 510 plate with Gold plated, spring loaded 510. The Luxe is the usual exceptional build quality I have come to expect from Vaporesso.

    Luxe Vape Kit

    About the included Vaporesso Skrr Tank, here is the highlight: the QF air distribution system. The QF strip coil is pre-installed, it's 0.18ohm and has a rating between 60w and 90w, I switched the strip coil for the other supplied coil which is the QF mesh coil, also 0.18ohm with a rating of between 55w and 85w. The coils have a hollow cone fitted centrally inside them which is sealed around the bottom essentially creating a juice well. The QF comes from the QF coils, which are mesh coils by the way. Of course, we do love us some mesh coil vaping. The difference in the airflow is that the airflow changes direction twice as you are vaping. The air comes in through the base where the adjustable airflow slots are located. Then the air is drawn up through the center of the coil where it is redirected horizontally directly into the mesh coil. A cap on the top of the coil redirects the air while at the same time blocking.

    As for its performance. I found the flavor of the mesh coil at 65w was better than the flavor I got from the freemax so I wanted to also test the longevity of the coil, and in my opinion, it is the best device I have used in 2018.

    Other vape kits recommended:

    eleaf ijust ecm

    aspire nautilus aio

    Another review about Vaporesso kit

    Fingerprint Collector - Vaporesso POLAR Kit Review

  • 2018 Best Pod System Kits For New Vapors - Replacing Traditional Cigarettes

    In the past, my pals asked me, "How about that kind of very thin e-cigs?" I gave him a "Do not touch it!", because in my opinion, the taste is much worse. But nowadays, the taste of the newly designed pod system kits is getting better and better, and it is convenient to take out and carry it, easy to operate and become one of the equipment for new vapors to replace traditional cigarettes. This time, I chose several hot-sale pod systems for evaluation. If you are pursuing the best taste, or a big smoke, the pod system still can't satisfy you.

    Smok Infinix Vape Kit

    A relatively balanced pod system kit, which can be refilled, good taste, moderate suction resistance, no fire or leakage of e-juice, big cloud. Vapors with strong hands-on ability can rebuild the coils by themselves, and my experience is slightly stronger than that of its brother product SMOK FIT KIT. It can be refilled while maintaining the shape of the pole. This is commendable.

    infinix vape

    Smok Novo Vape Kit

    With pneumatic smoke cartridges, you can smoke at any time, suction resistance is more compact, you can feel the obvious resistance of suction, e-juice’s reduction is sufficient, never found incomplete atomization and poor e-juice guiding. The degree of smoke and atomization is also good, the smoke will be slightly larger than the conventional smoke, and the comprehensive taste of NOVO compared with INFINIX is obviously stronger than the former.

    novo vape

    Justfog Minifit Vape Kit

    Very very small, half of the length of the INFINIX (slightly thicker), and only one-third the size of the Breeze 2 achieving good performance and taste in such a small volume. Workmanship is good, which is surrounded by matte texture white metal, the actual workmanship is better than the picture look. The small atomizer tastes very good. Push-button suction, suction resistance is just like real smoke.

    minifit vape

    Eleaf iWũ Vape Kit

    It is the largest of these pod systems, and all aspects of the indicators are close to a box mod. The large volume brings a good taste. The resistance is better than the NOVO but still slightly empty, and The 700mAh battery is in line with the box mod. My evaluation of it should be "the smallest AIO pod system at the moment".If you want a box and want it to be the least integrated, it's right for you.

    iWũ vape

    Some vapors asked me how to choose from these refillable pod systems, this problem is really difficult, but it is also simple. Their biggest difference is that the positioning is different. SMOK INFINIX is clearly designed to reflect the price/performance ratio in the hot-sale JUUL appearance; MINIFIT is obviously the pursuit of mouth-feeling in the smallest size; NOVO is fit for vapors who like a big cloud; iWũ is a completely different way for manufacturers to design their own designs.

  • SMOK E-PRIV KIT Peview - Hale Appearance and Powerful Engine

    The development of electronic cigarettes has not only existed as a single tool for replacing cigarettes. In order to satisfy the better taste, make bigger smoke, and use it more easily, after many evolution and transformations, today's e-cigarettes have become a fashion tool for integrating replacing cigarettes, tasting e-juice, playing smoke, which naturally gives vapors more choices and convenience. Today we will share you a high-output full-featured kit: SMOK E-PRIV KIT.

    From the front of the kit, the overall integrity is quite good, although the TFV12 Prince atomizer is a finished mature atomizer, not tailored for this kit. However, due to the close design style, a large number of metal materials, and a similar matte coating process, the combination of the two seems to be very coordinated. In particular, the rubber ring of the atomizer and the color of the kit are matched with the same color, which is quite elegant in terms of details.

    green smok e-priv

    At the bottom, there are four long strips, the top two of which are the adjustment + button and the adjustment - button, which can be pressed, and the feedback of the metal button is very good. However, the operation is not as fast as pressing on both sides, it can be pressed completely, and if the two long buttons are pressed at the same position in the middle of the two keys, the key lock function can be realized, very convenient.

    The front side is engraved with the V12 logo. On the one hand, reminds you that it uses the Smok TF V12 prince vape tank, and at the same time pays tribute to the V12 engine, suggesting that this set has a powerful explosive potential like the V12 engine. The edge treatment is smooth and excessive, which brings a good grip.

    The atomizer used in the kit is the TFV12 Prince tank, which is the hot-sale tank by SMOK currently. Its biggest feature is the powerful explosion, and the top cap system with a locking button, which is very convenient to use. We have reviewed many times.

    buy cheap smok e-priv

    About its taste performance, E-PRIV continues the stable performance of the SMOK flagship model. It has a powerful explosion, no delay in the ignition and the processing capability of the built-in chip is vividly displayed on this kit. At the same time, due to the newly released two steel mesh coils, TFV12 Prince tank shows more powerful smoke performance, and it has a good performance with ordinary RDA, which further expands the used space of the TFV12 Prince atomizer designed for e-juice storage. It is not too much to call it RDTA.

    A similar kit from eleaf brand like:

    Cheap Eleaf Tessera Kit

    Another review about smok vape kit:

    SMOK X-PRIV Kit - Specially Designed For Big Screen Lovers

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