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  • A Story Of My Suorin Drop Kit

    The Suorin Drop is an invincible beast, in my opinion. An invincible beast that earned its name for me this weekend. I was out at a St. Patrick’s Day Parade with my Suorin Drop in hand, stealth vaping in the sunshine, with no clue that I was about to suffer a near vape-tragedy.

    After the parade, I went back to my car, set my backpack on the hood, put my Suorin Drop on the roof, and organized my things. Then I drove toward the nearest intersection to try to squeeze into traffic on the busy road amid the exodus from the parade.

    As I turned onto the road, I heard a sound that I thought was a part falling off of my car. Then, I remembered and my stomach…dropped. My Suorin Drop just rolled from the roof of my car onto a busy road. It’s the worst day of my life.

    Suorin Drop Starter Kit

    I briefly considered getting out of the car, but I knew if I did I would be smashed. Would it be worth it to save my Suorin Drop from getting smashed on this 45 mph road so it could live on after my demise?

    No, I decided.

    I went to ease my grief by grabbing some snacks and walking around downtown.

    About 20 minutes later, I decided to head back to the scene of the tragedy and look for my Drop. I knew it was a longshot, but I had to follow my heart. I pulled over on a side street and walked to the main street where the Drop had departed.

    Traffic had eased up, so I was able to walk the sidewalk, where I hoped it had been pushed by oncoming traffic. I wanted to see what was left of this amazing device. To see how far it had…fallen.

    Then, I saw a glint of purple flashing in the sunlight on the road. There it was, my red Suorin Drop kit lay in the middle of the right lane.

    I prayed audibly as a handful of cars zoomed by. Then I tiptoed onto the road, filled with dread about what I might find.

    cheap Suorin Drop

    When I picked up my Suorin Drop, it was like reuniting with a lost pet.

    The smooth chrome sheen was a little scratched, but when I lifted the Drop to my lips, it vaped perfectly. The mouthpiece and cartridge were barely even nicked.

    Whether it was sheer luck or the mighty structure of the Suorin Drop, I’ll never know. One thing is for certain, the Suorin Drop is a beast and it sure has staying power.

    Get your own superheroic Suorin Drop for less than $20 at Vapesourcing!

  • The Best St. Patrick's Day Vape Discount In 2018

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    vaping deal
  • Crazy Ideas for Future Vaping Technology

    Vaping Technology is becoming more sophisticated with each passing month. In fact, devices coming out today will be considered obsolete in 6 months. So I thought I could create an interesting discussion about some high tech ideas I had on cool new technological advancements that could be incorporated into vaping. Then again, these high tech ideas may be completely ridiculous. But hey, this is all in fun!

    1 Find My Vape

    I misplaces my vape at least once a week. Sometimes I'll spend over an hour trying to find it. And I know I can't be the only one who has this issue. So I thought it would be great if there was some kind of beacon built into these mods that could transmit its location. But then I got to thinking, chances are most people misplace their vape device somewhere in their home and a beacon like the one Apple uses wouldn't be precise enough. You know that the device is in the house, just not exactly where.

    2 Colored Vapor

    Lets talk briefly about eLiquid, because there is a part of vape juice that has been virtually ignored. There are literally tens of thousands of ejuice flavors on the market. Every flavor combination has been imagined. I wouldn't be surprised if a bacon, peanut butter and pineapple upside down cake juice is available for purchase out there somewhere. Along with all these imaginative flavors, come an assortment of VG/PG ratios and nicotine strengths.

    Everything has been addressed, right? Wrong! There is a whole other aspect to vape juice that hasn't even been explored yet and that is the vapor. Imagine being able to pick a vape juice flavor and also a vapor color? How cool would it be to visit your vape shop and get your hands on that bacon, peanut butter and pineapple upside down cake eLiquid in your choice of red, purple, blue, green or yellow vapor? I can't imagine colorizing vapor as being too difficult to accomplish. Colored vapor may even put a whole new spin to vape tricks. It would certainly make it more visually appealing!

    3 Vapor Filtration System Vapor Filtration System That's right folks, a vapor filtration system. Now hear me out for a second. Everyone has had to stealth vape for one reason or another. This happens at work, social settings with people who don't smoke or vape, at movie theaters, you name it. But stealth vaping is not an easy thing to do with a powerful sub ohm mod. It's hard to hide that immense vapor cloud. And if the vapor doesn't give it away, the vape juice aroma will clue people in on what you're doing.

    The best way to solve this issue is by creating a mod with a built in vapor filtering system. You have one mouth piece to inhale the vapor, just like in every other vape device out there, but then there is a second mouth piece where you exhale the vapor directly into the built in filter. The filter dissipates the vapor cloud and removes the aroma of the juice directly out the bottom of the device. The filter would be removable and easily cleaned with warm water.

    The days of having to hold your breath to let the vapor dissipate in your lungs or blowing it down your shirt will be no more. This, my friends, would be the ultimate stealth device.

    4 The Smart Mod

    Artificial Intelligence or AI is the hot topic for 21st century technology. Just about everyone uses a Siri or an Alexa to obtain instant information. I think it would be great if vaping devices had something similar, at least for information specific to the mod. So SMOK, Tesla, Vaporesso…are you listening? A smart mod could be useful in so many ways.

    These are just a few of the ideas I had. But I'm really curious in knowing yours. What technology do you see being introduced in the vaping devices of the future. Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • How To Know If You Have The Real Smok TFV12 Prince

    Smok TFV12 Prince tank is so wildly popular some internet sellers have capitalized on that momentum to deceive their customers. There are some easy ways to tell if your TFV12 Prince tank is the real thing.

    The TFV12 knockoffs can be pretty convincing, so it can be hard to tell the difference when you're shopping online. Often, the seller will not be a reputable vape company and will post the tank or coils for a shockingly low price. That's usually a red flag, but it's not foolproof.

    Scammers design the imitation tanks and coils with similar specs and fonts, so the untrained eye - or even the most expert vaper - can be fooled. That is until the product doesn't perform as well as it should.

    prince tank in stock

    This isn't the first time this has happened with a SMOK product, so the company launched a special verification system in March 2017 that helps consumers know if they've been a victim of a TFV12 Prince imitation scam or any Smoktech product imitation ruse for that matter.

    SMOK updated its packaging and its security system app to include a multi-pronged verification process you can use after you buy a product:

    1. Download the Vaping Tour App to gain access to the verification tool.

    2. Open the app and click "Security."

    3. Scan the product's code

    4. Scan the Code A on the product package; it should show up as "not activated"

    5. Scratch the protective coating that conceals Code B

    6. Click "Activate Your Product" on App

    7. Scan Code B again and confirm

    Once all these steps are completed, you'll get a "Congratulations" message if you've got a bona fide TFV12 tank or coils on your hands.

    If you're planning on reselling the item at some point, click "Bind To User," so your verification will be saved for future reference.

    SMOK advises that anyone who gets an alert that reads "Sorry; this activation code failed," try to scan Code B again and then immediately contact the place where you bought it if you still get an error.

    Visit the SMOK website for more information on how to tell if you've been a victim of a TFV12 Prince imitation scam.

  • How to Prime the Atomizer

    Some advice to tell you about priming the atomizer.

    1. Fold your paper towel over a few times and set it on your non porous work surface.

    2. Stand your atomizer (threaded size down) on your paper towel.

    3. Hold the tank with one hand,and use another one to press top cap and move it counterclockwise.

    method 1

    4. Add e-liquid through the slot,and pay attention not to drip in into the central airflow tube.

    method 2

    5. Close the cap carefully and firmly.Then let it stands for 15 minutes to get the organic cotton completely saturated.

    method 3

    6. Now wipe the threads clean and dry.

  • Vaporesso Nexus AIO Kit - Great For Nicotine Salt

    If you use Nicotine Salt for vaping, maybe you will interested in this new e-cig device - Vaporesso Nexus AIO Kit.

    The Vaporesso Nexus AIO size 85.7 x 34 x 17mm which is suit in hand. It contains a bulit-in 650mah battery and 2ml inbulit tank. It is designed for Nicotine Salt vape with all-new CCELL coil. Powered by Omni Board Mini, the Nexus has a stable performance too. The device can be charged quickly via the USB port. You are capable of filling the liquid without removing the coils. It is very light and portable to carry!

    Vaporesso Nexus AIO Kit

    Six color for choose in

    It is pre sell now, when vaporesso company update more information about it, we will inform you!

  • First View Of Joyetech ESPION Solo Kit

    Vapesourcing online store pre sell Joyetech ESPION Solo Kit now. That is a new joyetech product, let's introduce this new vape kit simply.

    Joyetech ESPION Solo kit has a 1.3 inch OLED touchscreen combined with an easy-to-use operating system, it will be incredibly convenient for you. Simply swipe the screen to view and adjust your mod freely. You can lock the screen by clicking the function button to avoid any touch by mistake. Also, the screen will be locked automatically each time when you click the fire button. Click the function button once to unlock. You can turn the screen on/off by clicking the function button 2 times in quick succession.

    Joyetech ESPION Solo Kit preview

    Joyetech ESPION Solo mod contains a 4000mAh high drain 21700 battery, you can enjoy an earthly vaping experience for the all day long. Still, you can use the normal 18650 battery with the help of a special sleeve (includes in the kit). Max output is 80W, providing you with huge vapor production.

    I want to emphasize that the ESPION Solo is definitely a masterpiece to mark the 10th anniversary. It reveals the e-cigarette giant's ambition and attitude from the past to the future.

    Four color, pre sell $56.8 in

  • SMOK Devilkin Kit and SMOK V-Fin Kit, New Arrival From Smok Company

    Smok promote two new products again yesterday. It is SMOK Devilkin Kit and SMOK V-Fin Kit. Let me introduce to you.

    SMOK Devilkin Kit Preview

    SMOK Devilkin Kit is powered by dual 18650 batteries, it can fire up to max 225W output. It is the incarnation of courage and justice, which uses the blade-shaped design on both the front and back sides. The lateral body adopts curve design to show its elegant lines. Besides, Devilkin has upgraded user interface and 1.3 inch screen with high-definition that displays more specific data. Snake pattern on the back side is in harmony with the cobra drip tip, fully presentingyour unique personal taste and charm.

    6 colors in

    SMOK V-Fin Kit preview

    SMOK V-Fin Kit can fire up to max 160W output. Its built-in battery has 8000mAh super large capacity. And its 6W—160W output can meet your various demands. Besides, ergonomically designed fire key, high-definition OLED screen, combining with revolutionary TFV12 Big Baby Prince tank, this kit ensures you are the leader of vaping fashion.

    5 colors in

  • How Long Does an Atomizer Last?

    The wire inside the atomizer has a service life. The service life of the atomizer varies according to different usage and frequency. Under normal circumstances, the atomizer could maintain 50 ml of e-liquid experience a good taste.

    In order for a better vaping experience and long service life of the atomizer, you could maintain your atomizer as the following tips:

    1. Regularly clean the tank could extend the atomizer's service life. After cleaning, the parts should be dried and then installed, the core is not easy to dry, it is better not to clean the core.

    2. When changing different flavors of e-liquid, it is necessary to clear the atomizer in advance, in order to prevent a variety of flavor residues and influence the vaping experience.

    3. Remove the atomizer from the mod when not in use and store it properly, in order to prevent the mod automatic vaping and burn the core. Keep the atomizer clean, do not store too much e-liquid in the atomizer and close the airflow hole.

    4. It will lead to the deformation of wire and shorten the life of wire if the metal wire is burned for a long time. When you vaping, you could shorten the burning time, and cool the atomizer, avoid long time burns.

    Here, I recommend you some top atomizers in our online outlet:


    TFV12 Cloud Beast

    Eleaf MELO 300


  • UPGRADE YOUR G-PRIV2 mod to V1.0.5

    If you own smok g-priv 2 kit or g priv 2 luxe, maybe this article you will be interested. It teach you how to upgrading tool for G-priv2-V1.0.5.

    G-PRIV2 V1.0.5

    1. Optimized performance on dry burning protection

    2. The PUFF counter can reach 9999


    1. You have to take out the battery before upgrading

    2. You have to hold the fire button all the time during the entire upgrading


    1. Factory Micro USB cable (with data transfer function).

    2. IOS System requirement: Windows XP/7/8/10. (FYI: There is no driver to match Apple Mac IOS from the PCB chip vendor.)


    G-priv2 upgrade tool (v1.0.5)(zip)


    1. Open the upgrading Tool folder G-priv2 V1.0.5 with the programming tool and BIN file, and then open the ISP tool in the arrow.

    2. Select interface for USB, and click Continue

    3. Hold the firing button, connect the G-priv2 to the computer (you have to hold the fire button during the entire upgrading)

    4. Click the "Connect" icon in the arrow

    5. Click "APROM" icon

    6. Find out the BIN file in the arrow of the folder and open it

    7. Tick "APROM" and "Config" icon, and unmark the other icons, click "Start"

    8. You will get words: Programming flash, OK! If you have upgraded your G-priv2 in V1.0.5 version successfully.


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