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My opinion about New E-cigarette Regulation By FDA

yefUmytzRgilOto-800x450-noPadRecently U.S. FDA has made a new deeming regulation for tobacco products on 5th May and will be active within 90 days. If US ‘Tobacco Control Act’ will be released, this new rules for the statutory definition of ‘tobacco product’ will cause a tremendous impact on e-cigarette industry over the world, especially in U.S. market.

According to investigation and statistics, United States hold 50% market shares for e-cigarette in the world's electronic cigarette market. Owing to effect and influence of new regulations, lots of manufactures, business, little business, distributors and vaping fans call on to express their appeals to FDA and hope FDA could redefine tobacco related products and revise it to be more reasonable, practical and humanized.

Actually, it is much difficult to operate and help e-cigarette manufacturers and business to create new products and introduce them to market. Referring to regulations, prior to February 15th 2007 electronic cigarette products does not require approval to market while from February 15th 2007 to August 5th 2016 ( during the effective date of the listing regulations ) product must complete the examination and get approval within two years. Products after August 5th 2016 requires approval to be listed after the adoption. The most important point is that the long time to process which requiring 1717 hours, If based on 8 hours per working days, it need 214 working days to process.

At present the major manufacturers selling electronic cigarette products are placed on the market after 2007. If we do not try to deal with and take measures to fight for vaping market before the deadline, E-cig industry will meltdown.Perhaps we have to admit and accept the regulations, and pay huge fees to submit products for approval in accordance with FDA requirements. But it is little possible that every company could afford heavy substantial cost for pre-market approval. Maybe 99% US electronic cigarette brand will disappear, thousands of small businesses will stop selling electronic cigarette. Because it is not feasible that FDA Rules requires manufacturers and business must provide a list of ingredients for each product and assessment report of product public health.

E-cig companies should joint with U.S. local businesses and organizations to protest the legislation. According to the American legal system, only Native American have the right to propose to against the law. Recently CASAA, SFATA, VTA, AEMSA and SEVIA have submitted their application for amendment or advices to regulate and protect e-cig industry and enhance economy. As learnt by internet, there are lots of new products swarm into the market, such as Smok, Eleaf, Wismec, Pioneer4you, Sigelei, Joyetech, Kanger, Uwell and so on. They may make preparation to cope with deeming regulations. So we should keep confidence to expect a new active and positive e-cig market in 90 days.


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