Disposable Vape with Double Tanks

Disposable Vape with Double Tanks offers you double the joy of vaping. The large vape juice capacity of these disposable vapes ensures long-time vaping without interruption. The freshness and original flavors of e-juice are preserved thanks to the double-tank design. For instance, iJOY SD22000 contains 30ml e-juice in two separate tanks and satisfies 22000 puffs in total.

Other Disposable Vapes with Dual Tanks, such as HOPO FLIP TIP Ultra 10000, luffbar dually satisfy you with two flavors in one vape thanks to the double tanks. Two are better than one and disposable vape with double tanks is always the best seller.

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  1. IJOY
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Puffs Range
  1. 10000-15000puffs
Nicotine Strength
  1. 30-50mg
  1. Rechargeable
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