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Do You Know What Accessories Are Used In E-cig Diy?
If you want to use a better E-cig you might need a very important "accessories." "Accessories" in the field of E-cig, refers to the host, atomizer, smoke oil other than the type of products, such as batteries, chargers, heating wire, finished coil, screwdriver, tools, cotton ... and so on For "accessories". For play E-cig, in addition to the battery and the charger outside the necessary accessories? Today from the actual operation to explain for everyone DIY electronic cigarette is "RBA" need to use some of the necessary "accessories." Common accessories, the total inseparable from the "heating wire", "cotton" and "tools" three pieces. The heating wire is used to make the heating coil of the atomizer, the cotton is responsible for the E-juice supply, the E-juice supply to the coil, the tool is used to assist the production of the important helper. Heating Wire Heating wire is the main coil component of E-cig, as long as it is to rely on heating to produce smoke of E-cig, it is inseparable from the heating wire. Electronic cigarette application of the heating wire common material is divided into A1, SS316 (stainless steel), nickel 200 (pure nickel), titanium, nickel 80 and so on. For the starters, What is the difference between the novice and the novice? First look at the material, A1 and nickel 80 is applied to the pressure mode of the heating wire, the rest of the nickel 200 and titanium are temperature control heating wire, these materials output mode can not be interchangeable, that is A1 and nickel 80 Can be used in the voltage regulator mode, while the nickel 200 and titanium wire can only be used in temperature control mode. SS on behalf of stainless steel, is a relatively special material, both can be used in voltage regulator mode can also be used to temperature control. Although there is no "provisions" novice can only use which material, but according to the vast majority of people use the habit of view, there is a certain law. Novice just getting started RBA, most people are starting from the regulator, so it is recommended to use A1 or nickel 80 material. Cotton Cotton is responsible for the E-juice in the E-juice, the supply coil heating and evaporation to produce smoke. Different cotton will also have a certain impact on the taste and smoke. If the cotton E-juice resistance and resistance to dry and dry, it will be due to dry and produce "burning paste taste", "assassination voice", "plastic taste." Some cotton is also relatively easy to absorb the taste, resulting in the production of aerosolized core will be "metal taste" or "cotton flavor." Most of the cotton used in electronic cigarettes is "organic cotton", this cotton in the planting process to meet a series of "organic standards", certified to become "organic cotton." Because it has not been bleached, it is usually dark yellow color, cotton fiber and broken cottonseed, although the "sell phase" is not good, but relatively safe, practical, cost-effective. So far, the price is relatively high, in the vaper who is better reputation is "Bacon cotton" Bacon cotton as a whole is a long strip, you can clearly see the overall direction of the fiber, good E-juice conductivity. Cotton fiber is relatively close, very "sticky", which also means that the fiber can store more E-juice, E-juice storage capacity is also very good. Bacon cotton is not easy to produce smell, do a good job of the atomization of the core almost no use of cotton can be used directly, and many vaper are reflected, the use of bacon cotton will be more mellow taste. Tools Before the Coil Master in market, vaper their tools are often varied, stragglers, especially for beginners, they often buy a lot of less than the tools caused by idle waste, or is found in practice when the lack of a few The necessary tools, had to buy again, a waste of time and mood. Coil Master will be used in electronic cigarette tools are integrated together, and for the characteristics of E-juice to add their own improvements, screwdriver, tweezers, oblique cut, pointed nose pliers, folding scissors, winder, multi- Heating wire, cotton, 521 console, these electronic cigarette special tools to form a professional electronic cigarette kit, a set of tools can accompany you from starter to sophisticate.   In particular, ceramic tweezers, both live "on-line" adjustment coils, but also as a tool to adjust the coil feet, but also as a 1-wire screw to remove the atomizer 510 electrode screw, to avoid scratch the surface, very practical. In the end, we hope this page is helpful for you, and start your Vape tour happily. For more question please contact us.

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