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Is Vape Safety?

Is vape safety? More and more people may be using them, but e-cigarettes are not harm-free. A study published in Environmental Science & Technology in July 2016 identified harmful emissions in the vapers, including possible carcinogens and irritants, though at a much lower level than in conventional cigarettes. The BHF would not advise non-smokers to start smoking e-cigarettes. Public Health England (PHE) estimates they are 95 per cent less harmful than regular cigarettes. What does "safe" even mean? Are cars safe? How about fresh produce? In fact, no product offers the consumer absolute safety. Cars can fail in many ways - even aside from user error, the most common failure - that can cause death or terrible injury. And every year many people die and many more get sick from bacteria in fruits and vegetables. vaping safe But we keep driving and eating salads. Because with common sense precautions and a little knowledge, we understand that the risks are low. We also use harm reduction tactics to reduce the danger of many products. The Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom estimates that conventional cigarettes are 95% more dangerous than vape e-cigarettes. "There's no data to support that," or any exact risk comparison, Douglas says. Still, he says, the cancer society is working on updated messaging to help the public better understand the available science. nice vaping device An e-cigarette produces some toxins, he says, but nothing like the 7,000 chemicals, including 70 human carcinogens, produced by a lit tobacco cigarette. In the end, there is still haven't a lot evidence about vaping is safe or not. But one thing is clear, vaping is more heather than tobacco cig. If you have any idea or thought , please let us know. All right , thanks for read and we will see you guys next time.

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