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Why Did My Atomizer So Hot After A Couple Of Vape
Why did my atomizer so hot after a couple of vape. I believe many vapers have encountered such a problem, just do a new coil, after a couple of vape, then the atomizer becomes very hot, it almost impossible to use. So, what happening. This problem is directly related to the coil data, the power used, the size of the atomizer, and the intake of airflow. We know that the greater the power used, the higher heat. The lower of coil resistance used in the same voltage, the greater the volume of the heating wire, the higher the heat generation. The greater the foggy warehouse, the lower the calorific value, the greater the amount of heat dissipated. The greater the intake volume, the more heat is taken away. Then we can be a good analysis out, what exactly is the problem, which led to a serious rise in the atomizer. tfv8 atomizer Do not choose to install a low resistance wire and twisted wire (low resistance and twisted wire need to use a higher power to push, to be able to achieve a suitable working condition). Because this type of atomizer is usually less air intake, and the atomization warehouse space is extremely compressed, the heat generated by the heating wire is easily transferred to the atomizer cabin, and in this case, the vape temperature is Very high, not suitable for use. So in this type of atomizer, we recommended you guys use 0.4 diameter and below the use of heating wire. If forced to use low-resistance coil (with the data under the power used), then there will inevitably produce vape overheating, atomizer overheating, lack of fuel supply and other issues. So in this type of atomizer, we also recommended to use the 0.4 diameter wire heating wire. Pre-installed coil is nothing to say, the manufacturers will have all the things have been designed, the vapers only need to use the recommended power for it, you can get a good experience. tank atomizer In conclusion, the reason for the overheating of the atomizer is that there is no coil data with high compatibility with the atomizer and the appropriate power. So we need a understanding, and then according to the characteristics of the atomizer itself to decide what kind of coil data and output power. Well, this question and answer are here, thank you for watching! If you find anything missing or advice please let us know in vapesourcing.com.

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