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Smok Tfv12 - Cloud King Vape Tank
Tfv12 as the best seller tank in the market, using the classic top fill system and the bottom of the way intake the air, it supports the finished coil, but also support RBA components of the two-in-one atomizer. Especially its size may be big enough to scare you. TFV12 has been the general praise of the various vapers, especially by the enthusiasm of foreign vapers. SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank In size, TFV12 is much bigger than TFV8 BABY and TFV8 Big BABY, It is like a cow, 28 * 70MM size and 90.5g of weight, we should called it the Big Mac lol, the feeling in hand just like a small grenade, almost catch a standard 30ML of a bottle E-liquid. The whole atomizer structure is very compact, easy to split, can be easily split into the mouth pieces, cover, glass tube, coil and base, five components. Hands control feels that the parts polished fine without burrs, good workmanship; components between the seamless. Glass Tube For SMOK TFV12 Tank In order to solve the problem of perfect match with most of mods, the designer shrinks the bottom part of the TFV12, the actual diameter is 24MM, so, I guess only dual batteries or three batteries mods can "carry" this big guy. Teflon material 810-type drip tips, and PEI has a good insulation and anti-hot effect. Internal inverted cone design, can return the condensate, to prevent the condensate into the mouth. The bottom of the two black rubber ring in addition to ensuring the connection with the cover fastening, but also from the sealing effect. And here is the link: Replacement Drip Tip for SMOK TFV8 / TFV12 Atomizer. Replacement Drip Tip for Smok TFV12 Atomizer Anti-burst glass material compartment, it is thick, remove the space occupied by the atomization warehouse, the actual capacity of about 6ML, such a huge liquid storage can be a good solution to the trouble of frequent E-liquid filling. This atomizer is the most praiseworthy can support DIY RBA components. In my impression, TFV8 BABY is the first atomizer in my atomizer to use the RBA component of the atomizer, the taste performance is good. SMOK good at the design of RBA components in this field. The TFV8 BABY atomizer RBA components only support double post, TFV12 atomizer is equipped with two RBA components. One is to support the dual V12-RBA components, the other is to support 3 of the V12-RBA-T components, you can feel full of happiness. Let's focus on the 3 V12-RBA-T components. Compared with the double-post components, in addition to the structure of the electrode table is significantly different (certainly different, one is support 2 post, other one is support 3 post), the size is also a little bit of difference, the middle of the inlet design is also different, There are different designs at the bottom. smok tfv12 coils The structure of the base is not complicated, and the adjustment ring as a good design. Especially the above laser LOGO for the atomizer considerably. At the same time in the intake control ring is also designed on the bump-like anti-skid, greatly facilitate the rotation of the adjustment ring. Replacement Oring All in all. Although the TFV12 looks very big, but not rough, not clumsy, so that the atomizer looks very strong, sturdy and high-end, filling the king's, amazing taste of the performance, TFV12 is a monster in the market, you will be impressive with it.

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